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2014-11-26 DE Essen - Turock

[Dajana] Only eight months after the successful Rock Relevation tour supporting Grand Magus, Norwegian rockers AUDREY HORNE are back on stage with their brand new album Pure Heavy. Same place, the Turock, just as the headliner with a longer set. A show of course not to be missed. “Give us today our daily AUDREY HORNE”! So to say… ;)
[BRT] Yep, this Wednesday went under the sign of ROCK! The Norwegian shooting stars AUDREY HORNE got supported by the Spanish AC/DC fans ’77 and Danish heavy blues rockers PET THE PREACHER. Despite the fact that the area was specially spoilt tonight with big concerts, the Turock was well-filled.
[Dajana] The show was actually pushed back by an hour. Seems like there were some delays with planes, the spite of the very first tour day… When we knocked at the door bands were still sound-checking. Never mind! We got to rock tonight!

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[BRT] :: PET THE PREACHER :: kicked off the evening with a psychedelic attitude yet with a rather heavy sound ranging anywhere between Alice In Chains and Black Label Society. The guys around charismatic frontman Christian Hede Madsen rocked the stage, gave their best and quickly captivated the crowd. When Madsen drifted into guitar solo fields, the extremely talented bass player Torben Wæver Pedersen cared for a dense and powerful sound.
[Dajana] Let me add that PET THE PREACHER have released their sophomore full length The Cave & The Sunlight in April they played most of the songs from. And they were able to engage the very talented graphic artist Emy Rojas of French Arrache Toi Un Oeil studio to do the wonderful cover artwork (you need in vinyl size) for it and shirt design (was in urgent need to get me one – a must-have ;)). Really awesome. Oh, the band… played a great show too ;) Madsen already won when he ripped off his shirt to sponge up his kicked bottle of water ;)
Setlist: I'm Not Gonna, Let Your Dragon Fly, Fire Baby, Remains, The Devil's Door, Kamikaze Night, What Now

[BRT] AC/DC worshippers :: '77 :: right after so downright kicked asses and accelerated that I was worried to death. Guitarist LG Valeta romped the stage like a maniac. Haven’t seen such kind of stage acting yet. This performance would have been hardly topped if there would not have been those two baby faces, who somehow looked misplaced. ‘77 was pure fun but it does not hide the fact that I personally don’t need another AC/DC cover band…
[Dajana] Well, no-one’s born a master. Remember when you played first time in the public ;) Give the newbies some time and they will do it right. And - attending the right festivals - I of course have seen ’77 playing live and knew what to expect from their show. Just sayin’… :P [BRT] Hit and sunk… ;)
Setlist: We Are ’77, High DB’s, Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Down & Dirty, Things, Less talk, Stay Away, Your Game’s Over, Bag Smoker Pic

[BRT] I was a little bit afraid that :: AUDREY HORNE :: couldn’t top it. But… well, they came, saw, and conquered.
[Dajana] They always do? ;)
[BRT] The guitarists delivered their duels and singer Toschie stormed over the stage with a bright red head singing. AUDREY HORNE once again spread so much delight in playing, so much energy and good vibes, many bands out there should take a leaf out of this book! Really. Hits were played and songs that just kick your ass and make you smile. How to resist such offer? The songs from the last record Youngblood are still smashing (Redemption Blues and There Goes A Lady), the ones from the rather pale follower Pure Heavy at least work fine live, much better than on CD anyway. Maybe the Norsemen should take a little bit more time for the next one. This one sounds a bit like a snapshot.
[Dajana] I have to admit, I have my difficulties with Pure Heavy too, but it doesn’t narrow the band’s live qualities any bit, nor did it narrow the great evening. There was just a bit of melancholy when Blaze Of Ashes kicked us ultimately out. Seems the NH team got a run. Third show in a row with three bands each and all of them truly amazing! What a night!
Setlist: Wolf In My Heart, Holy Roller, Youngblood, There Goes A Lady, Volcano Girl, Out Of The City, Tales From The Crypt, Pretty Little Sunshine, Into The Wild, Show & Tell, This Ends Here, Straight Into Your Grave // Redemption Blues, Waiting For The Night, Blaze Of Ashes


Story © BRT, Dajana • pics © Dajana & Dajana Winkel • Photography