EVERTALE – Of Dragons And Elves

Label: self-financed
Release: December 20 2013
By: Zwiebel
Rating: 10/10
Time: 86:26
Style: Power Metal
URL: Evertale

Once upon a time… So my story shall begin… And bam there is the picture of Gimli and Legolas (incl. stupid ears) in my brain. But I guess it’s okay to think about the Tolkien universe when EVERTALE start with such an intro. Though, this concept album is based on the Chronicals Of The Dragonlance. EVERTALE then switch gears and gain speed with Sign Of The Valian Warrior. This song comes with a cool chorus and is the hit of the album. Here the four guys shoot straight in the manner of old Blind Guardian. In general, the 14 songs of the album are in the wake of Orden Ogan and Gamma Ray, including some references to both Rhapsodies Of Fire. Now the four guys from Southern Germany set out to poof that they can also write epic, long songs: Tale Of The Everman comes with 9-minutes which are all but boring. Especially in this song, the tremendous vocal skills of Matthias Graf can be admired, which remind me on old Avantasia songs. In the next song, The Dragons Liar, the second Matthias (Holzapfel) of the band can show his skills on guitars. A supreme solo adorns this again faster song. With only this three songs the guys already convinced me that a new star is growing in the underground. Of Dragons And Elves will definitely be one of the newcomers of the year. Fast head-bangers, sing-a-long choruses and epic but not kitschy songs. Metal heart, what else do you request? A ballade? No problem, let’s take the title track, which dwells with the best of medieval feelings. And on it goes with the wild hunt of the dragons, for a moment with a bit less speed, though. Here it shall be mentioned, that this album of majestic 81-minutes length has no filler. Very remarkable for a newcomer. The second top hit on Of Dragons And Elves is The Crownguards Quest. Introduced acoustically, this fire lance will bring death and destruction when performed live. Before getting lost in the description of every single song, I make cut a long story short. This album belongs into the collection of everybody claiming to be big in Heavy/True/Power Metal. A strong album throughout, from the first speed grenade to the epic, bombastic The Final Page. This is how such an album must end, huge and mighty. And now, dragon riders, ride on to the next record store. There is a battle to be won.