GOAT LEAF – A Lack Of Oxygen - Tales Of Crashing Satellites
Label: No Quarter
Release: January 28 2013
By: Dajana
Rating: 7/10
Time: 45:42
Style: Rock
URL: Goat Leaf

The 2011 debut album of Rotherham rockers GOAT LEAF pretty much left its impact on me and I was much curious how the gents would develop from there. In fact, the band’s sophomore does not differ that much from Colorscene. GOAT LEAF rather focused on how to elaborate their blend of Psychedelic-touched, bluesy strong 70s Stoner/Hard Rock. A Lack Of Oxygen - Tales Of Crashing Satellites picks up where the debut was left of and follows same structures and patterns. They kick in with the strongest song on the album, the erupting title-track, followed by the highly energetic Moot Point. Right after GOAT LEAF slow down to allow a sleazy Groove taking over as in Love Under Will. Wolf Bag is another highlight and marks the turn towards the energy driven, heavy pounding second half of the record, before the semi-ballad One Last Line closes out. I for some reason extremely like the stylistically interesting short outro They Fell At Tucumcari. On A Lack Of Oxygen guitar solos and instrumental parts got more room but sometime cause certain lengthiness. Unfortunately songs and singing ain’t that varied anymore. The rough edges and earthy production I loved on the debut got smoothened towards a warm retro sound that is nice but kills somewhat of power and esprit.
One thing one definitely cannot deny is the dedication, the untamed energy GOAT LEAF breathe and reflect in every note they play. It definitely outweighs what I’m quibbling about and makes you enjoy A Lack Of Oxygen - Tales Of Crashing Satellites, best heard at maximum volume. All I can say is to check out this record!