HYPNO5E – Shores Of The Abstract Line

Label: Pelagic
Release: February 9, 2016
By: Jordan
Rating: 9.5/10
Time: 61:25
Style: Experimental/Progressive Metal
URL: Hypno5e

HYPNO5E is a French metal band whose genre is hard to describe. It blends together a mix of Technical Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, but even saying all that leaves out so much that happens over the course of a HYPNO5E album. They also incorporate electronic, flamenco, classical, and jazz influences, not to mention the heavy use of soundclips throughout each song. I first fell in love with the band when I saw them open for Arsonists Get All the Girls, and they absolutely stole the show. I went to their booth, bought all their albums, and anxiously anticipated a new release. With the help of a crowd funding campaign, and signing to The Ocean’s record label, that new HYPNO5E album comes four years after their second album. Shores Of The Abstract Line continues much in the vain of their previous two albums, complete with songs averaging around the 10-minute mark and multi-part suits. Where this one is different is that it is held together by themes of lines, shores, and journeys, which in turn helps this album move along like a journey. The album starts with a short instrumental before moving into In Our Deaf Lands and We Lost The Ones, two of the most punishing and unrelenting songs that HYPNO5E has written, while still retaining their beautiful moments of Spanish style guitar, sorrowful sounding soundclips, heavy use of dynamics, and interesting and unusual transitions. From there, Memories is a very melodic and repetitive track, which helps ease the mind for a bit before going to my favorite track of the album, Tio. This track is a ballad sung in Spanish, and is the closest thing HYPNO5E has to a single. It is a beautiful track before we return to the insanity of the last three tracks. HYPNO5E is an extremely underrated band that has released three of the most interesting albums in the metal genre. Hopefully this release helps push them in the forefront of metal, where they belong. Highly recommended and it’s definitely a contender for album of the year.