NETHERBIRD – The Grander Voyage

Label: Black Lodge
Release: 28.10.2016
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8/10
Time: 41:55
Style: Black Metal
URL: Netherbird

After the mystically conjuring introduction Pale Flames On The Horizon, Dissection-like leads come into operation, enriched by speedy parts and borne passages to care for variation. Wistful guitars get hand in hand with a very calm sequence, to be followed by stomping mid-paced rhythms, unsoldered by an elegiac and also attacking finale. In all, this song called Hinterlands leaves an alternating and compositional worthy impression.    
Dance Of The Eternals offers relaxed elements and adds an extra portion of power to the following chords during Windwards, but  NETHERBIRD stay away from senseless cudgeling, because we come across melodic finesses in the background and a simple effective refrain. The impelling measures invite to teeter with and the harmonious melodies flow into the auditory canals like honey. Afterwards, softly whispered lyrics enthuse in combination with clear guitars, ere Pillars Of The Sky augments in speed and captures through unloading dynamics, carried by a screeched voice. The musicians prefer mid-tempo, gentle interplays with acoustic guitar or piano and only sparsely use franticness.  
This epic approach culminates in the concluding epos Emerald Crossroads, which is dominated by whispered voices and piano motives in the beginning. Later on, the atmosphere changes to an opulent sound and multi-layer broadness, ere the song dies away quietly.
NETHERBIRD convince through their level-headedness, their enthralling coolness and unobtrusive dynamics. Consequently, The Grander Voyage is a hearty, wonderful harmonious work with interspersed harsh outbreaks, so that this heaviness cares for alternation, although the melodic component wins over clearly.