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2009-09-05 DE – Osnabrueck - Hyde Park

Dark Tranquillity - 1349 - Napalm Death - Necrophobic - Belphegor - Dornenreich - Shining - Sturmprophet

Five years of HELLFLAME FESTIVAL, five years in which this festival was progressing by leaps and bounds, becoming kinda cult. Five times in which the Nocturnal Hall crew found its way to Osnabrueck. Party time! ;)
And to make this party memorable the BurningStage team has put an awesome billing together, although three bands are repeaters and the first both ones unknown to me. Never mind, I also would have taken this ride for DARK TRANQUILLITY only ;)

Grotty weather makes clear that fall is closing in and I’m totally overtired. Had no sleep coz of nightshifts but I knock at the door on time! Organizers do not, there’s already somethin’ goin’ wrong. Ok, I hook up with friends and am off to shoot the breeze ;)
Anyway, a half hour later nothing happens. Hmm… Attendees already raid their entire stock of alcoholic beverages… and wait. 1pm, first band is supposed to play now… nothing. What a great start! 15 minutes later, finally the doors of Hyde Park (I only visited from the outside during the last 5 years, coz of cancelled shows) open. Perfect timing, because it just starts raining cats and dogs, making the roofed entrance area to a cuddle-zone with all the people pushing forward ;)

:: pics ::

Finally inside bad news followed. CHROME DIVISION have cancelled their appearance, the singer was fired the day before (seems like Shagrath has a mania for cleanliness right now). MORIBUND OBLIVION cancelled too due to visa issues. Frustration and anger was literally written all over the face of organizer Olli… a statement can be found on the BurningStage homepage.

Accordingly, time schedule and running order have changed. But instead of displaying these changes everywhere (a PC or copier can be found everywhere) only a small sheet was pasted on the wall near the entry and of course vanished in a twinkling of an eye… Also the token-system was more than just crackbrained. I have no idea who comes up with such bollocks.
Outside and inside people had fun in smashing beer bottles, broken glass everywhere, how stupid! Really. And people were smoking inside. Wasn’t it banned by law??? Seems that no one cares anymore. Cannot remember that the Hyde Park is one of these smoker’s clubs…

Oh, and last but not least, the light-engineer should have been stoned, drawn and quartered and hung. Light was utmost bad. Hands off, if you don’t have any idea how to handle such duties, damn it! Only DORNENREICH and DARK TRANQUILLITY had good lights, coz they had an own light-man.

The festival’s offbeat came from German youngsters :: STURMPROPHET :: playing somewhat of traditional metal, supported by keyboards which luckily ain’t live that penetrant as on their myspace site. Audience is clearly arranged and the mood… lame. But that doesn’t scare STURMPROPHET, they have visibly fun on stage and play their asses off, what in return has enliven the handful of fans to cheer them, giving a great response.
Setlist: Intro, Das Mädchen, Auf steinigem Pfad, Schlacht, Holt Hammer und Nägel, Träumer, Tief im Nebel

With the next two bands cancelled it’s upon time for :: SHINING :: to enter the stage. Unusual early for them but on the other hand Kvarforth is still sober and acts accordingly aggressive. Only the kitchen knife they should have taken away before. Not that his whittles wouldn’t be unknown, but a knife… you know, he could have fallen or stumbled into it, or someone else. I had to bite the dust, a camera man too and, as usual, the bass player he always has a special affinity too. The other band mates were left unmolested. Blood was running properly, blended with Whiskey but besides, he didn’t took is clothes off, nor was there something written on his tummy and the wanking number has been short and… unsatisfied ;) Musically however, SHINING delivered again a really intensive and captivating show, playing three new songs from the upcoming album VI/Klagopsalmer. If Kvarforth would leave all these didos behind (as with the micro), which disturb sound or show, SHINING could be one of the greatest live bands ever. Ok, next try SHINING have on their upcoming tour in December, together with Satyricon, Negura Bunget and Dark Fortress. Could turn out to be utmost funny *laughs*
Setlist: Intro, Claws Of Perditions, Vilseledda Barnasjälars Hemvist, Och Med Insikt Skall du Förga, Fullständigt Jävla Död Inuti, Medley, Plågoande o'helga plågoande, Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra

After touring acoustically in support of their last record In Luft Geritzt, :: DORNENREICH :: do it the brutal way again. Being on the road as a trio (guitar, violin and drums) DORNENREICH though create an unbelievably dense and intensive sound and atmosphere. But I cannot deny that I miss a second guitar.
Setlist: Trauerbrandung, Eigenwach, Schwarz Schaut Tiefsten Lichterglanz, Flammentriebe II, Der Hexe Flammend’ Blick, Jagd, Leben Lechzend Herzgeflüster // Wer Hat Angst Vor Einsamkeit

Now some changes. Instead of Belphegor Swedisch blackened Death Metal masters :: NECROPHOBIC :: strike up. And the Swedes are in best mood! Haven’t seen them playing such a great show for a while. Especially the Sidegårds Hula-dance patterns and capricious gestures were sooo extremely hilarious ;) You should have seen that! NECROPHOBIC have a new album out too, Death To All, from which they played most of the songs from like For Those Who Stayed Satanic, Revelations 666, La Santisima Muerte and Celebration Of The Goat and of course some classics too. Great show!

Also :: BELPHEGOR :: left scorched earth. More blackened Death Metal, but with an asskicking groove. Austrian extremists played an aggressive show, good at first ;) Later they put the pork blood out and left a bloody mess. Even the huge white/grey flower hanging from the roof in the middle of Hyde Park got its blood shower. Besides, the blood was stinking as hell. BELPHEGOR have a new album ready, Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn, set to be released on October 9. And the HELLFLAME got a first taste ;)

And another band I was really looking for :: NAPALM DEATH :: I love these guys and their music. Value for money. When other bands play like 6 or 8 songs, NAPALM DEATH play 30 ;) Barney of course hold forth about the current world’s condition, making clear political statements (Nazi Punks Fuck Off) and taking up the cudgels for women, apologizing with: „unfortunately this is a men’s world“. The Brits got frenetically welcomed and cherished. Fans were constantly chanting Barney, Barney or NAPALM DEATH making the guys smiling, while Barney said gave an overwhelming thank you back. By the way, I saw Shane Embury jumping around like a young god, well, almost. I remember the show at Party.San where he stood like nailed. Only thing bad were the lights. It’s already a difficult task to shoot NAPALM DEATH under normal circumstances, but without light? Argh. Anyway, 45 minutes later fans got released with Time Waits For No Slave, knackered but with happy faces.

A gloomy intro introduces to :: 1349 :: seeing Mr. Kvarforth buck naked but with corpse-paint rolling on stage, breathing and whispering something into the micro. That was really bizarre, and definitely not good for image, even if he doesn’t care. Groupies will probably wave aside too in the face of his tininess *lol* Now I can understand some of his problems… Anyway, back to 1349, who delivered a dark and evil Black Metal show. The instrumental interludes might sound fantastic on CD but live they interrupted the flow instead of build up atmosphere. Too bad. Also here songs from the new album Revelations Of The Black Flame were played, but also classics back through the history till Riders Of The Apocalypse from Liberation. By the way… another fake: it wasn’t Frost behind the drum kit :/
Setlist: Invocation, Nathicana, Riders Of The Apocalypse, Serpentine Sibilance, I Am Abomination, Singer Of Strange Songs, Maggot Fetus… Teeth Like Thorns, Sculptur Of Flesh

20 years of excellence! Finally! 2 bands less but still overrun time limits… *lol* Time for the headliner and the main reason to enter HELLFLAME FESTIVAL ;) I was already blown by the band’s performance at Vainstream Festival this year. :: DARK TRANQUILLITY :: celebrate their 20th anniversary and do this with special shows. Unfortunately audience has shrunk but the remaining fans were even more enthusiastic, giving everything to the band. The Swedes always win! The DARK TRANQUILLITY guys are so fucking likeable, always friendly to the crowd and likewise professional when it comes to their shows. They of course have fun on tour or at a festival, they for sure like to party but they never go over the top prior a show and always deliver a fantastic one. The very best thing tonight was that DARK TRANQUILLITY played a song from my fave album Projector: ThereIn! Gooooooooseflesh! I tell ya. And a rarity, since they hardly ever play songs from this record! But also the rest of the setlist didn’t leave anything to be desired :) I just can repeat: AWESOME show! Definitely the highlight tonight and one of the best shows during this year :) Love you guys!
Setlist: The Treason Wall, Lost To Apathy, The Lesser Faith, Focus Shift, Lethe, The Wonders At Your Feet, Final Resistance, Inside The Particle Storm, Misery's Crown, Edenspring, ThereIn, Yesterworld, Punish My Heaven, The Mundane And The Magic – Terminus

Despite of an announced after-show party most people left, so I did. I was so bloody tired. Some chat outside, then I jumped into my car and jetted back home.


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