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Our Last Day

2004-11-13 CA – Fresno - Big Game’s Studio

Gathering my materials with me handy laptop and camera in hand I was on my first Nocturnal Hall assignment of the California scene (Fresno’s version that is) giving others across the Atlantic a viewing of what the local scene has to offer. Fresno having an array of musical backgrounds in the club circuit made way for this night’s performance of bringing Metal Blade recording artist CATTLE DECAPITATION. Not bad since more acts are coming through Fresno marking this another step for bands of extreme metal to showcase their music as well as support for the local bands. Taking my diet-Pepsi in hand and making my way past a pool of an all ages crowd of youngsters I entering Big Game Studio’s venue. Sound check kicked into place as a roar of the guitar set off a small crowd of on goers raged power giving the first set an approval warming as the opening band kicked into session.

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• Openers MAGGOTT COLONY consisting of a trio based from California opened in traditional death core style. Band played five songs pounding energy driven plateau of pure aggression. Not bad for these gents who played for a venue packed of youngsters ready for slamming.

• Fresno’s own OUR LAST DAY locals put on a melodic aggression set with drive that unleashed brutal vigor casting a glow of death tones reaping musical fury. Way to go \m/.

MEAT SHITS utilizing samples and guitar heated fury set the night a flight into chaos with an opening pit of fans that entered a circle of torment mosh. Fast guitar workings into a short lived songs was the only thing that this band had minuses on them due to that simple fact. Other wise if the songs had more minute life to them that music might be worth listening to.

• Last but not least CATTLE DECAPITATION a style blended into harmony with harshly violent rhythms that brought on brutal action into a live performance was the main highlight of the evening. Music could get no sicker until the gents kicked off with tunes from the second release from Metal Blade records entitled Humanure. One thing that surprised me since these gents from San Diego can create such brutal mentality so unlike other bands of this style. No cookie cutter band here. Pure raw force musically as well as a live band CATTLE DECAPITATION takes no prisoners.


story & pics © Jessie Gough