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2011-02-16 DE – Essen - Turock

I think I’m not wrong saying that DORNENREICH have reached the peak of their career. Their just released album Flammentriebe got critically acclaimed by press media; also Nocturnal Hall once again awarded well deserved 10 out of 10 points. Now the Austrians embarked on a short 10 days running tour and sold out most of the shows. Yes, that I call success! Success the band so well deserved and the band can be proud of. Besides, with AGRYPNIE, they found an excellent band for company, which likewise knew how to enthuse the NH crew with their album 16[485], which was released early 2010.

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So here we go. After just a few days I return to the notorious Turock club to pay respect and to experience a stunning and inspiring evening. The Turock is much crowded tonight and once again close to be sold out, while he bunch of journalists and photographers gang together for a beer and chat. We are ready! :)

On time :: AGRYPNIE :: enter the stage under the mysterious intro Figur 109-3, which leads over to the first track Der Tote Trakt. As on the album, the music captivates in a twinkling of an eye. Melodies, riffwork and dynamics are incredibly intensive. Being downright fascinated, fans move closer to the stage and a thrilling atmosphere piles up. Fans and band likewise act lively stimulating both sides. AGRYPNIE go through all their records, smile and visibly enjoy the response and feedback they get, and of course don’t get tired to thank and appreciate. As for me, there was a slight hope to get some new material, well, a desire not fulfilled. But it did not narrow anything; we got an awesome show, just way too short. Same old story… ;)
Setlist: Figur 109-3, Der Tote Trakt, Kerkerseelenwanderung, Und Führet Mich Nicht In Versuchung, Morgen, Fenster Zum Hof, Schlaf

Short break, another beer and then… getting into readiness to combat ;) Space and gaps left during the first band now got quickly closed by pushing fans. :: DORNENREICH :: set up their equipment incl. the wooden box and Eviga’s bells. The drumkit got wrapped afterwards. Ok??? With the release of their new album Flammentriebe I actually expected a metal set. We got! After a half hour longing acoustic excursus ;) Already this acoustic set was so emotional that girls behind me burst into tears at Reime Faucht Der Märchensarg. Gooseflesh-atmosphere and frenetic applause. Eviga and Inve left the stage and came back a little with Gilván, who finally stripped his kit for some pounding drum work. DORNENREICH now act much more lively and energetic yet intensive, highly emotional and passionate. Eviga unleashes his wolf and loses himself in music, while Inve more contemplative bows his violin. The club’s audience is absolutely stoked and DORNENREICH say thank you with an encore that again quotes the highlights of the band’s history. Grandiose! A fantastic show that releases heaps of emotionally touched fans.
Setlist Acoustic: Intro, Urig, Freitanz, Meer, Der Hexe Nächtlich‘ Ritt, Drang, Dem Wind Geboren, Reime Faucht Der Märchensarg
Setlist Metal: Intro, Jagd, Schwarz Schaut Tiefsten Lichterglanz, Flammenmensch, Der Wunde Trieb, Der Hexe Flammend‘ Blick, In Allem Weben, Leben Lechzend Herzgeflüster // Grell Und Dunkel Strömt Das Leben, Trauerbrandung, Wer Hast Angst Vor Einsamkeit


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