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2021-11-13 DE – Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle

| Doors: 1 pm | Show: 2 pm | Tickets: 60 Euro + fees | SOLD OUT |


Mainstage • Front 242 - Covenant - Hocico - Solitary Experiments - [X]-RX - Eisfabrik - Torul - Zweite Jugend

2nd Stage • Diorama - Chrom - Intent:Outtake - XotoX - Absurd Minds - FÏX8:SËD8


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear
, happy birthday to you :)

Admittedly, the birthday wish comes one and a half year late, but, you know, reasons are well enough known. To be honest, I, in fact, did not expect the festival to happen, since the pandemic reigns supreme, again, and new legal hygienic rules were agreed just two days ago. I actually was waiting for another postponement of the postponement. Well, I'm far away to complain ;)

The sold out E-TROPOLIS FESTIVAL 2021 did happen, in full range, and approx. 4000 fans (no limitations) came to celebrate and dance as if there was no tomorrow. Of course, 3G was mandatory (vaccinated, recovered, tested) and handled on the way from parking to the entry. Fans came early enough, no queue, no waiting, the "approved" wrist band was received quickly. Stairs, next step, the festival wrist band and photo pass and here we are, inside the :: Turbinenhalle Oberhausen ::. Let the party begin :)

It was comfortably warm inside, with a regular fresh air exchange when the gates were opened for equipment change-over. Some things have change. The operators of the Turbinenhalle used the down times with brushes and trowel to renovate and refurbish the space. Much for the benefit of the fans. There are still some building lots left, but well, winter will seemingly be a quiet one. I don't see many shows happening anymore till spring.
General festival procedure has not have changed at all. Main entry and foyer were booked for festival merch and token bar (1 Token = 1 Euro, 3 tokens for 1 little beer, 5 for a big one, 6-7 tokens for food), hall 3 for food and chill out area, coffee & cookies corner upstairs and many bars around the area. The entire system of the halls and building lots was a bit confusing. I actually got lost, somehow, on my first round ;)

:: Stories & Pics :: Bands ::

Due to the postponements, there were changes in the line-up too. RUINED CONFLICT, GRENDEL and WINTERKÄLTE had to cancel - latter ones will appear on next year's billing - [X]-RX, INTENT:OUTTAKE and CHROM stepped in.
Overlapping times on both stages were ok. I could see all my faves without speeding between the stages and I also did not see any other photographer doing so. Sound and light in the main hall was as shitty as always. Whatever they did there so far regarding construction or sound techniques, it did not help anyway. Things worked much better in hall 2 (as always).
The E-TROPOLIS FESTIVAL was once again hosted by Jens Domgörgen (X-Divide), known for doing so at Amphi Festival and Blackfield Festival (back in times). Enough said, let's dance!

Summary: On the whole, the E-TROPOLIS FESTIVAL 2021 went off without a hitch. No delays onstage, no queues and waiting times offstage. Organizationally top efficiency I'd say. Sound was a recurring problem, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller issues. It seemed that some bands did not have enough time or possibilities to rehearse properly. Well, we go through in strange times… and so, some things carry no weight.
What really counts is the fact to be here, to attend such event again, to meet friends I haven't seen for ages and to feel what a concert or a festival is about :) Yes, perspectives, awareness and appreciation have changed, for music generally, for bands, the scene and events such as the E-TROPOLIS FESTIVAL. But also, senses have sharpened for randomness, easy interchangeability, stagnation and wasted chances.

Anyway, I would like to say THANK YOU to the organization, the crew, helping hands, security, and, of course, the bands, for a wonderful evening. My highlights were my "new discovery" FIX8:SED8, re-discovered COVENANT and, as always, DIORAMA.

After E-TROPOLIS is before E-TROPOLIS. The first bands for the 2022 edition, taking place on September 24, have been announced: FADERHEAD - LEÆTHER STRIP - GRENDEL - WINTERKÄLTE - RROYCE and MILDREDA. :: Ticket sale :: has already started.



story & pics © Dajana & Dajana Winkel • Photography