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2008-06-21 DE – Essen - Turock

Hmm... seems like the Turock downright evolved into a Mecca for Bay Area Thrash Metal bands :) After Exodus, Death Angel and Testament have played this club during the last weeks, now the reunited thrashers FORBIDDEN have found its way into the Turock, reunited after an 11 years longing break in its original line-up. How great is that?
Support came from our album of the month winners PERZONAL WAR and the crazy heads of DELIRIOUS (well, it’s Bay Area Thrash too *g*). This evening was promised to turn out into a great event… ;)

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:: PERZONAL WAR :: opened this evening extremely early and in front of empty rows, bad for the band and something they haven’t deserved. Generally speaking, PERZONAL WAR should have been the co-headliner tonight. They have a brand new record out that got raving reviews. Well, you can’t have it all ;) Show had to be over at 11pm (disco afterwards) and so the cats made no bones about and kicked off with the Bloodlines opener Evolution, followed by Utopia. What a hell of a killer track I tell ya! Then closing in were tracks from the predecessor When Times, before PERZONAL WAR left the stage with a classic from the 2002 debut Different But The Same. Quick and easy but exquisitely entertaining, powerful and neck-breaking! These guys groove as fuck! A pure powerhouse! Can’t help myself, I love their music ;) Just great! Even more the fact that some of the people around were much taken with the first pinch of PERZONAL WAR ;) Seems like they gained new fans at this evening. Well done guys! And now go and get the first two records of them!
Setlist: Evolution, Utopia, My Conspiracy, More Than A Day, When Times Turn Red, 5 More Days, Shred, Born

Although :: DELIRIOUS :: just live around the corner (more or less) I never saw them performing live so far. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. And that where they are the rager’s elite ;) Anyway, with their last record Made For The Violent Age (2006) DELIRIOUS could at least cash on 8.5 of 10 cakes. It’s said that they work on a follower and so I expected to get a foretaste of new songs this evening. I thought I’d get… no such luck! Dunno why, during two years they should have already written playable new songs. However, live performance was great though. The cats much enjoyed playing, acted very agile and asskickingly thrashed the old school way ;) And… they reminded me on a band… *thinks*… have it on the tip of my tongue…
Setlist: Triple Six, Death Scout, Quima De Araquivo , No One, Psychotic Disarray, Down On Myself // Sleep In Peace, Rager’s Elite

Ok, it was not really the entire original line-up present tonight ;) For Paul Bostaph Heathen’s skin man Mark Hernandez was drumming, and that I tell you, he did excellent! And Glen Alvelais rips for former axe man Tim Calvert. As for the rest, we got the original ones as there is: Russ Anderson, Craig Locicero and Matt Camacho :: FORBIDDEN :: even had less time, since they had to embark on their bus right after their show at Turock to go to Hellfest in Clisson, France. Pure stress for band and crew but with a lovely manager behind cracking the (imaginary) wipe ;)
The introduction with March Into Fire and Forbidden Evil couldn’t have been chosen any better! The two FORBIDDEN hymns first ;) And so they went on… with songs from the first two albums only. Distortion and Green were left aside, what was a pity. Despite the crowded Turock and all these old classics the audience stayed pretty reserved. Many younger fans didn’t know songs and lyrics and the older ones seemed to be too fragile to go mad ;) When the show was over, the crowd suddenly started chanting: „FORBIDDEN, FORBIDDEN“! Too late guys!
FORBIDDEN had some technical difficulties during their set. Russ’ voice was way too quiet and Glen’s guitar sound got lost every now and then. Nevertheless, FORBIDDEN rocked the Turock and had lotsa fun on stage. In return the band got surprised by the fans when the tonight’s last song Chalice Of Blood got announced and a couple of crazy people entered the stage and started to mosh with the band. The Bay Area thrasher didn’t expect this and looked… quite helpless ;)
Setlist: March Into Fire, Forbidden Evil, Off The Edge, Feel No Pain, One Foot In Hell, Through Eyes Of Glass, Twisted Into Form, Follow Me, Infinite, Out Of Body (Out Of Mind) // Step By Step, Chalice Of Blood

Yes, it was a great evening! Thank you Turock for another great old school thrash event! I had a blast. Knowing that the tour manager also coaches Heathen, I peppered her with question about what was going on in the Heathen camp. And she told that the guys have entered the studio recording their long awaited comeback album with a tour following in late fall *rubs hands*


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