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2013-02-09 DE – Bochum - Matrix

[Dajana] 2012 was kicked off with a great GRAND MAGUS show back then. Seems like the Swedes want to make it a beloved habit to start a new year with a tour ;) Ok, it’s not the first show of the year, it’s the third one for me to e exactly, but it still works fine for a new year’s opening.
[BRT] Ha! Great! A bunch of friends, great metal music and beer galore. What more could you wish for? Ok, I wish the show would have taken place in any other club than the Matrix.
[Dajana] Yep, the Matrix has a bad face, fully shown at tonight’s show. First, the show got preponed. Okay, we all got it on time and arrived earlier. Unfortunately, the doors were not opened earlier. Means, we had to wait long in iciness and when the first band started, most of the crowd was still outside queuing, while inside the stage was on fire…

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[Dajana] Also in 2013 GRAND MAGUS are on tour with exquisite assistance as there are the Swedish metal hopefuls ENFORCER next to British NWOBHM veterans ANGEL WITCH. I expect nothing less than an outstanding show!

[BRT] :: ENFORCER :: is one of many young metal bands springing up like mushrooms, but one of not so many who make it to sound so old school and genuine, although the kids could be almost our kids. Snappy refrains and a proper portion of a rumbling touch, skillfully played, make the crowd nodding appreciative. And so does the critical underground fanatic. As for the Matrix the sound was pretty much ok.
[Dajana] The guys were actually so much on fire that it was a pure pleasure listening to them. A highly energetic and racy show, presenting the band’s new record Death By Fire. Too bad that there was absolute NOTHING to see. The Swedes completely got lost in a smoke orgy. A hint of shadows lead the fans in the front row to suspect that there was a band on stage. Only with flood lights we got to see at least a bit…
Setlist: Death Rides This Night, Mistress From Hell, Mesmerized By Fire, Katana, On The Loose, Crystal Suite, Scream Of The Savage, Take Me Out Of This Nightmare, Into The Night

[BRT] Wow! :: ANGEL WITCH :: What chance to experience on of their live shows… Their debut album is one of the most heard NWOBHM records in my CD rack. Mastermind Kevin Heybourne and his mates were shooting one classic after another among the crowd. After the double feature Confused/Atlantis I once again realized how many asskicking and amazing songs ANGEL WITCH have under their belt, all sang along by the audience. White Witch, Angel Of Death, Sorcerers… and of course the outstanding Angel Witch as grand final. Inconceivably great! Stunning! Yes, ANGEL WITCH also played new songs but those did not own this sing-along-effect. By the way, second guitar belonged to no one other than Carcass’ Bill Steer, who visibly had so much fun on stage and wasn’t above to be the domestique for his boss Kevin. One little thing to nag about: at some places, especially in the refrains a second and a bit higher background voice wouldn’t have done any harm. And again… a surprisingly good sound.
[Dajana] ANGEL WITCH exactly played two new songs from As Above, So Below ;) But I think people did not even get aware of them. No wonder, ANGEL WITCH almost played their entire debut album Angel Witch released back in 1980. This was so fucking awesome! That Bill Steer playing I actually did not realize as he stood on the other side of the stage. There was too much smoke in between…
Setlist: Atlantis, Confused, Dead Sea Scrolls, White Witch, Sorcerers, Gorgan, Guillotine, Dr. Phibes, Angel Of Death, Baphomet, Angel Witch

[BRT] After this brilliant show I was afraid :: GRAND MAGUS :: would lose now. I missed a second guitar at earlier shows. But GRAND MAGUS developed to such a great live band. Charisma, action, songs… everything was just perfect. They cut out Doom/Stoner tracks from the first records; instead they delivered classic and epic metal to the max.
Frontman JB meanwhile mutated into a barbarian-werewolf-look-alike but that is what makes him so distinctive. Also bass player Fox acts lively enough that the stage never appears too big for the trio. No matter if straight and crushing rock songs such as Starlight Slaughter and I, The Jury or epic smashers like Ravens Guide Our Way and Hammer Of The North, they all got frenetically welcomed. Breathtaking! A drum solo introduces Ludwig Witt, still playing with Spiritual Beggars (formerly fronted by JB) and also, alongside with Bill Steer, in Firebird. Looks like a family reunion ;) After Hammer Of The North was played the show was suddenly over. Well, the Matrix club is rather greedy for the incoming disco money and shits on fans who would have loved to hear one or the other encore and songs such as Black Sails. A downer.
[Dajana] Well, lights and smoke really drove me mad *sighs* But I’m tempted to say it was the best GRAND MAGUS show I have seen so far. Beside of the HITS show maybe… ;)
[BRT] Oh, once again good sound. And the missing second guitar got outweigh by Fox’ dominant bass guitar. Chapeau!
Setlist: Kingslayer, Sword Of The Ocean, I, The Jury, Ravens Guide Our Way, Silver Into Steel, Starlight Slaughter, Wolf’s Return, Like The Oar Strikes The Water, Drum Solo, The Hunt, I Am The North, The Shadow Knows, Valhalla Rising // Iron Will, Hammer Of The North

[BRT] Résumé: Great show, great evening, wrong location.
[Dajana] *agrees 100%* I’m just lost to choose the best band. They all have been fabulous…
[BRT] With the rose-colored fan glasses I would blindly say ANGEL WITCH ;) But yes, I have my difficulties too. Three asskicking and fucking awesome bands. Such high level at a show one rarely get offered.


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