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Heaven Shall Burn - Everytime I Die - Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

2009-12-09 DE – Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle

Taste Of Chaos Tour ???... *laughs* Oh yes! It didn’t work out without a little taste of chaos. Again. Funnily it was much more like a déjà-vu, repeating a scenery we struggled through one month ago (In The Nursery). Dani & Dani on the road towards a concert. Last one month we got caught in a jam right after we left Muenster, this time we got even stuck in Muenster, not able to leave that city at all. Only thing that had changed, Dani (Reflections Of Darkness) was driving, since I’m a walker right now. We had to make some detours and rat runs till we made it out of town, speeding as hell to make up time. Without getting flashed. Done! Happy as we enter the Turbinenhalle on time at 7.30 pm. The venue is sold out and totally crowded with many fans still outside. Luckily our favorite security company C.C.S. is operating and gives us permission to enter the photo pit through a side entrance *phew* On Time??? NO???? *hmpf* Dream on. We arrived on time… for the second band. Contrary to all announcements the show was kicked off like 40 minutes earlier. Sorry, but this way we completely missed :: MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER ::

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Next up was :: EVERY TIME I DIE :: Hailing from Buffalo, New York, the guys literally blew us away when setting in. WTF! Sound was sooo loud and brutally punching in the guts. Fucking hell. I didn’t understand any line sung and hardly ever any announcements made by singer Keith Buckley. It was all an all destroying sound mush. Though the band acted extremely lively, going wild, running and jumping and of course with some special posing you know from this kind of Metalcore bands. ROCKSTAR Energy Drink TASTE OF CHAOS TOUR… Seems like that energy stuff left an impact on the drinkers *lol* It works…(btw. everybody got a can after the show when leaving the venue). Show was ok, not spectacular but EVERY TIME I DIE managed to warm up the audience.
Setlist: Roman Holiday, The Marvelous Slut, Ebolarama, No Son Of Mine, Bored Stiff, Wanderlust, Floater, The New Black, We're Wolf

The space left for the photographers was like 0.5 x 0.5 m making us feel like Sardines in a can with a sweaty sauce. We couldn’t move so we stood where we were, even stacked. When the backdrop was lifted I was wondering the second time :: HEAVEN SHALL BURN :: ??? What are they doing here? What about Dead By April? Quick answer: Dead By April support the Scandinavian shows only. For the German part HEAVEN SHALL BURN was chosen. And 3500 fans could hardly wait to see them getting started. When they did, bathed in apocalyptic blue light. The venue freaked out. Sound was much better now and crowd surfers dropped like ripe fruits into the photo pit, keeping the security awake and running ;) It was hot and loud and wild. And latest at Voice Of The Voiceless I was expecting a Wall Of Death. No, they did not, but would have been utmost funny to see them trying. Anyway, me – the Sardine – couldn’t see that much because I was squeezed and wedged with the back to stage, but had some fun though ;) Great show!
Setlist: Intro/Endzeit, Counterweight, Profane Believers, Forlorn Skies, Voice Of The Voiceless, The Disease, The Weapon They Fear, Black Tears

Ok, :: KILLSWITCH ENGAGE :: I never saw playing live so far. I got told a lot about their shows and was pretty curious. Change-over was a quick matter, although all bands play their own equipment. We finally were allowed to use the other side of stage area and got finally some space and air and some nice service :) Perfect conditions. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE started thundering with My Curse and lived out their lively urge to move. Especially guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz didn’t stand still any second, was running and jumping around looking like… erm… Batman with his black cape? The other guys were all wearing the same white KILLSWITCH ENGAGE band shirt ;) KSE performed really professional, knowing, how to master this crowd and bringing them to the max. Singer Howard Jones perfectly schmoozed them (best crowd, great German beer… etc, you know). The freaking out Turbinenhalle proved him right. Only the circle pits didn’t work, there was not enough room for it. As for that Jones dived and surfed onto the crowd, finishing the show with a gooseflesh-causing cover version of Dio’s Holy Diver. Being the co-headliner KILLSWITCH ENGAGE only played an hour and did not come back for encores. That I found pretty strange. As for the show: fucking awesome!
Setlist: My Curse, A Bid Farewell, The Forgotten, Reckoning, Fixation On The Darkness, Starting Over, Rose Of Sharyn, My Last Serenade, The End Of Heartache, Holy Diver (Dio Cover)

Watching the guys changing the stuff on stage I got why I understood the 3 extra trucks with equipment :: IN FLAMES :: build up huge LED walls. Oh, might be great lights then ;) But not only was the light awesome. IN FLAMES were downright grandiose! The best live show I ever saw from the Swedes. To kneel down for, I tell you. Seems like the guys have reached the band’s peak. Setlist spanned the last three albums and a lot of classics. The venue was turned upside down. Although I have to confess that the audience was a little bit less powerful now. And so it seemed to be with Mr. Friden. He should have drunk another energy drink *lol* Anyway, rest of the band was in best mood and played their asses off, especially Engel founder Niclas Engelin, who fills in for Jesper Strömblad, had a lot of fun on stage and was posing as if there was no tomorrow. As for me it was really, really a great show!
Setlist: Cloud Connected, Embody The Invisible, Pinball Map, Delight And Angers, Disconnected, The Chosen Pessimist, Trigger, The Hive, Only For The Weak, Artifacts Of The Black Rain, March To The Shore, Come Clarity, Leeches, Alias, The Mirror’s Truth, The Quiet Place, Take This Life, My Sweet Shadow

There nothing more to say ;) A fantastic concert evening with a lot of fun for us and some chaos. Ok, that we missed the first band wasn’t nice, on the other hand we so sailed around the supposed chaos when the doors got opened. With smiling faces we went back home…


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