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2006-11-21 CA – Fresno - Rainbow Ballroom

Typical night in Fresno, California where a tinge of cold bitterness sweeps the evening air while countless fans wait around the front steps of Fresno’s Rainbow Ballroom chatting about the upcoming performance. Mingling in with the fans some expressed mixed reviews due to one of the bands on the show list, but nevertheless many were thankful for an evening of metal frolic. Gathering materials in hand while becoming eager to conduct the interview with ALL THAT REMAINS vocalist Philip Labonte before hand one can sense a charismatic aura that was already projecting around the venue. Maybe a night of extreme metal mayhem was about to unravel thinking to myself but abandoned that thought quickly when the interview was in process. Anticipation was tonight’s winner when all groups hit the stage at various times shredding severe guitar work along with harsh vocals bestowing ultimate metal intensity.

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:. 2 CENTS ~ New to the scene fellow cats from California 2 CENTS kick off a mediocre performance from their latest release Lost At Sea. Displaying lack of originality due to their freshman stage presence frontman/drummer Adam O’ Rourke blasted furious beats along with unenthusiastic singing. Typical for an emerging talent trying to create an impression exposed their musical identity to a new fan base undid what they sought. Artist originality! Amidst the many carbon copies springing up out of the wood work the band raised the listening bar with a blast from the past covering Slayer’s Reign In Blood. What seemed like overcompensation the group takes another journey down memory lane this time doing their own version of Pantera’s Cemetery Gates. Creating a mixed vibe amongst the audience ignited an instantaneous blanket of lighted flames from every corner of the venue. Dedicating the performance to Dimebag Darrell set the concert attendees mood to a reflective one sending a victorious round of applause in Dimebag’s remembrance. Nothing to intensely brutal 2 Cents much like their name is worth 2 CENTS.

:. BURY YOUR DEAD ~ Appealing to music fans of hardcore and thrash music Massachusetts BURY YOUR DEAD hits intensity with Beauty And The Breakdown. Currently on tour with fellow extremists of metal Killswitch Engage and All That Remains the group captivates the serious fan to listening levels while striking a chord of chaos via live performances. Kicking off a non-stopping electrifying show with volatile intense rhythms engaging the crowd with high impact appeal resulting with explosive results. Frontman Mat Bruso charged the set with riveting vocals bringing the crowd to an extreme twist of mosh pitting brutality creating miniature tornado pits within a hurricane continuing full speed. Catching the entire venues attention the serious presence of the band paved more than just the average but one of a high regarded act. One of the many bands to look out for in 2007!

:. ALL THAT REMAINS ~ Supporting their current CD The Fall Of Ideals, ALL THAT REMAINS hits the tour road once again with a vengeance unleashing infectious metal grooves. Vocalist Philip Labonte explains this present tour is better than previous tours while remaining confident that the group will give their best performance. Touring with one of metal music’s influential groups of today Killswitch Engage the group holds a steady pace assurance bestowing fans a promise of a highly energized show. Experiencing this personally was skeptical at first but won over by the seriousness of their musical performance. Raising a question as to why a group of their stamina would be an opening act? Nevertheless the band delivers an astounding live set filled with animated enthusiasm more than making up for their current opening act status.

:. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE ~ Being one of the most sought after bands in today’s metal music industry Roadrunner Records recording artist group KILLSWITCH ENGAGE unravels their latest release effort As Daylight Dies. An album of mixed reviews the group holds no bounds to severity with their speed fretboard viciousness to well persuasive lyrics. One might think that a band of this caliber can still run with the big dogs of death metal such as Carcass or Obituary but the difference KILLSWITCH ENGAGES with? Originality expressed with catchy death metal tunes converting audiences of various metal veins to ultimate conversion. Delivering a varied performance ranging from sheer brutality to ear shattering experiences the fabulous five leave their victims musically transformed.


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