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2010-11-27 DE – Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle

Kreator - Exodus - Death Angel - Suicidal Angels

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Goodness gracious me! What a fucking killer package! Thrash till death! Like the fab-four, just a bit smaller ;) However, this show is a must-be-there! Contrary to earlier plans I eventually decided on the show at Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen. And luckily I was left untroubled by the highway-winter-chaos. BUT I was totally out of the X-mas thing. Saturday evening, first advent weekend and everybody was rushing to the temple of consumption called CentrO next door = huge traffic jams *hurgs*
At the end I did not miss anything. Doors at Turbinenhalle opened with a 45 mins delay, while inside the usual chaos reigned: massive queues, snail-working salesmen, the frustrating acquisition of drinking vouchers and the massively and slowly rolling masses of fans in and out through the one and only door into the hall.
Pricing at the merchandise I find exorbitant, again, but at least a grain cheaper than at the Deftones show. Ok, I abscond and take my place in the pleasantly warm photopit.

Despite the delay outside, Greek thrashers :: SUICIDAL ANGELS :: got onto stage on time and opened the THRASHFEST 2010. Seems like the Greeks are omnipresent, I don’t know how often I saw them this year around. Many times for sure ;) Musically things remained constant: we got one of the better Slayer-memorial shows ;) It’s fun and pure entertainment, but nothing new to me anymore. For the crowd it is enough to create the first wall of death ;) Average sound, shitty lights, not surprising but all in all a solid 30 mins show.
Setlist: Damnation, Reborn In Violence, Bleeding Holocaust, Violent Abuse, Dead Again, …Lies, Final Dawn, Apokathilosis

Pages got turned when :: DEATH ANGEL :: entered the stage, a band I was eagerly waiting for. Love them to death ;) And the Bay Area guys left nothing than scorched earth, um…you know. Sound was better but still undifferentiated and squishy. Never mind, energy of the band was still eruptive, especially Mark Osegueda was going wild again, bringing some work to the stage security, who had to pick up the first crowd surfers falling down into the pit. There’s also a new face in the band: bass-player Sammy is out, Damien Sisson is in and did a fucking great job ;) Right after I had done my duties I find myself back in the crowd moshing and headbanging. Light still sucks but DEATH ANGEL rock the house. Ok, I have seen better shows (just remember the one last year at Turock, Essen), but this one is not bad either ;) Neck got warmed-up and I smile from ear to ear, yes!
Setlist: I Chose The Sky, Evil Priest, Claws In So Deep, Seemingly Endless Time, River Of Rapture, Voracious Souls, Truce, Mistress Of Pain, The Ultra-Violence, Thrown To The Wolves

And my grin gets even bigger when Rob Dukes comes a long and tries to be as cool, and evil and aggressive as possible *lol* Cute this guys, isn’t he? :: EXODUS :: afterwards just blow everything up to the stars. Wow. Sound is much better now and fans are totally freaking out. Pure aggression. We get kicked too, since the security now got their hands full. I don’t care at this light. Got me a beer and started moshing again ;) EXODUS is definitely the highlight of the evening!!!
Setlist: The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles, Beyond The Pale, Children Of A Worthless God, A Lesson In Violence, Blacklist, Bonded By Blood, The Toxic Waltz, Strike of the Beast, Good Riddance

:: KREATOR :: in fact played a great show too, but way too standardized. Same best-of-setlist, same stage performance, same shitty red lights and as for a headliner at its anniversary shows, way too short! Johnny Cash’s version of Personal Jesus used as a pre-intro surprised me, while the vid shown at When The Sun Burns Red deeply disturbed me. I felt really sick and did not have any appetite either. I mean, I know these kinds of movies and I support (meaningful) campaigns against the abuse of animals in any way, but that was heavy fare here.
Mille again seemed to be in strange mood. Most time he spoke in English to the fans and came over with some odd phrases, but the “highlight” was surely (this time in German, I try to translate): “Here the question you were waiting for the entire evening: Are you ready to kill each other?” – As an announcement for Pleasure To Kill. WTF???
However, KREATOR could not reach the level anymore, Exodus left. Not on stage and not within the crowd. But generally speaking is was a good show.
Altogether this evening was much pleasing. Four Thrash Metal bands in a row is always awesome. Entertaining evening and even a funny trip home ;) See ya next year at Killfest for the next Thrash Metal treatment :)
Setlist: Personal Jesus (Johnny Cash), Intro: The Patriarch, Violent Revolution, Hordes Of Chaos, Phobia, Terrible Certainty, Betrayer, Voices Of The Dead, Enemy Of God, Destroy What Destroys You, When The Sun Burns Red, Endless Pain, People Of The Lie, Pleasure To Kill, Coma Of Souls // Intro: Choir Of The Damned, The Pestilence, Flag Of Hate, Tormentor, Outro: Black Pearl


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