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2008-07-15 CA – Fresno - Savemart Super Center

Pure Mayhem

Rockstar's Energy Drink first annual MAYHEM FESTIVAL 2008 dominates a night of metal music on July 15 in Fresno.

Guitar riffing excitement filled the air as bands of MACHINE HEAD, DISTURBED, SLIPKNOT and other named acts hit the stage for a show first of it's kind to hit the Central Valley. Local resident from around the city attended this much hyped event which took place at the Savemart Super Center. Screaming fans rallied outside yelling their favorite group all the while waiting for an evening filled with mosh pitting delights.

Various bands ranging from melodic, power to thrash metal were scheduled to perform on three different stages consisting of the Jagermeister, Hot Topic and Main headliner artists. Two of the main stage sets consisted of five bands each blaring music that rippled outside the open festival, some of which belted out musical intensity despite the summer heat. Audiences from all musical genres eagerly welcomed each band giving each performance a standing ovation, but much can be said for each band displayed lively enthusiasm which the crowd responded well to.

Taking in this metal extravaganza personally, this was the time to drink not only the sights and sounds of metal for one night, but to be apart of the sole experience for myself as a fan. Arriving partially late for press activities I was able to see the welcoming of the main stage headliners perform indoors, :: MASTODON :: Giving Fresno a taste of their own blend of progressive sludge metal, this fast rising act dished heavy tunes with an electric vibe rising the audience intensity. Vocalist Brann Dailer and the rest of the group kicked off their set with a few past tunes to their latest stuff guaranteed a successful win over. Second in line to hit the stage was England's own power metal outfit :: DRAGONFORCE ::, whose odd introduction with whaling guitar leads, high 80's like metal vocals to pounding rhythms enlightened a refreshing blast from the metal past.
Setlist Mastodon: The Wolf Is Loose, Crystal Skull, Capillarian Crest, Colony of Birchmen, Megalodon, Circle Cysquatch, Aqua Dementia, Iron Tusk, March Of The Fire Ants
Setlist Dragonforce: Revolution Deathsquad, Operation Ground and Pound, Heroes Of Our Time, Valley Of The Damned, Through The Fire And The Flames

Third anticipated group :: DISTURBED :: whose interesting entrance from frontman David Drairman resembled Silence of the Lamb's Hannibal Lector attire was brought out onstage strapped up then unleashed the set with Perfect Insanity. Musical fury of lunatic proportions started the mosh pit blazing into full swing while the band cranked over an hour of tunes driving the fans into a crazed frenzy. Final act consisting of nine bizarre masked gents known as :: SLIPKNOT :: engulfed the entire center generating chunky guitar riffs, odd tempo drumming along with screaming death like vocals this band was the true show stopper of the evening. Riling the crowd with some of their best songs and lively stage antics this group brought the show to it's knees making sure this night was a memorable one.
Setlist Disturbed: Perfect Insanity, Liberate, Just Stop, Voices, Indestructible, Prayer, Stupify, Divide, Land of Confusion, The Game, Inside The Fire, Stricken, Down With The Sickness
Setlist Slipknot: Intro, Surfacing, The Blister Exists, Get This, Before I Forget, Disasterpeice, Psychsocial, The Heretic Anthem, Prosthetics, Duality

Plenty of non-stopping action from the latest bands in today's metal music, this night was one that proved Fresno can roll with metal elite's festivals of pure mayhem.


story & pics © Jussi