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2015-09-19 DE – Balver Höhle

Vemod - Tenhi - Empyrium - Darkher - Wöljager - Camerata Mediolanense - Amber Asylum - Lifelover - Crone

In 2006 we already had the honor to attend the 10th anniversary of Prophecy Production in their hometown, Zeltingen-Rachtig. It was a great evening with excellent bands and shows and a memorable weekend. Now, another 10 years passed by (actually 9 years), which raised hope to see another unique anniversary celebration. And yeah! Our wishes got heard and answered… :) Here we are at the PROPHECY FEST 2015 at legendary • Balve Cave •, Europe's biggest cultural cave. That's the announcements to expect something big!

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Announcing such event with such great bands made the tickets sell like hot cakes. Limited on 1250 pieces the PROPHECY FEST 2015 sold out many weeks before its happening. Filled with highest expectations and anticipation I hit the road on that early Saturday morning. Taking the phrase: "The journey is the reward." It was such a freeing pleasure to ride the serpentines and to enjoy the great view of the Sauerland. The weather was keeping up – it was mild and did not rain.

Having arrived I was stunned by the cave. This cave is indeed tremendous! Left me speechless. The cave was wonderfully illuminated and heated by many electric fires (was necessary, especially at night). The area outside the festival was already crowded. Many fans arrived and got prepared, while inside the area caterer got ready for the run. Drinks and food was varied and the prizes ok. There was a token-management: 1 Token = 1.30 Euro. Coffee, water, tea, pretzel 1 Token; bratwurst, meatballs and beer 2; the big festival plate 5 token. The club house nearby had enough toilets and got used as backstage. But most musicians rather met fans outside, watched the bands or signed stuff.

The atmosphere inside the cave was phenomenal right from the beginning. The cave itself, acoustics and the motley crowd. Audience was international. Fans came even from China, Mexico and Tasmania, so it was to read and hear. Just WOW!

A special gem of the festival surely was the lovingly designed program book including a compilation CD of all participating bands. And the very best of this book was… TADA… the announcement of a PROPHECY FEST 2016! Yes! There will be another edition of the PROPHECY FEST (probably the real 20th anniversary), taking place on July 29-30, again in this wonderful cave. So mark those dates in your calendar and make your ticket reservation HERE!

Due to many special offers and bundle packages the merchandise got overrun. In the back of the cave TENHI mastermind Tyko Saarikko, who also created the PROPHECY FEST design and poster, presented his art work in an exhibition. I loved the A0 big drawings on wooden panels, mostly with themes from the Saivo und Folk Aesthetic era. Such wonderful work. I wished I would have been financially able to buy at least two of them. Maybe I will do so later, when I have saved some money ;). Nearby in another niche of the cave signing sessions took place, and the reading of WÖLJAGER, the new project of Marcel Dreckmann (aka Skald Draugir of Helrunar), narrating stories from the Münsterland mythologies, in a Münsterland idiom (and explaining it afterwards in English).

From an organizational point of view there was nothing to nag about. Of course, there are always some bits and bobs that can be done better, especially when you use a location for the first time. The sound was huge in the cave. Unfortunately there have been some technical issues regarding the sound (to mix a band with a 30 people choir in a cave might be a challenge, yes) that leaded to delays, at the end of one hour at EMPYRIUM, its sufferer VERMOD were.


story & pics © Dajana & Dajana Winkel • Photography