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2011-04-29-30 DE – Lichtenfels - Stadthalle

Negura Bunget - Enslaved - Kampfar - Graveworm - Helrunar - Battlelore - Catamenia - Alcest - Bran Barr - Odroerir - Ignis Fatuu - Bifröst

Todtgelichter - Obscurity - Twilights Of The Gods - Orphaned Land - Thyrfing - Månegarm - Valkyrja - Agrypnie - Eïs - Adorned Brood - Arafel - Dalriada - Path Of Golconda - Ctulu - Blackshore

Time has come once again seeing the organizers of RAGNARÖK FESTIVAL calling its disciples for the 8th gathering. After last year’s side trip to Rieden, Germany’s first and biggest Pagan festival returns to the fold of Lichtenfels’ guildhall. And so the NH crew once again takes the ride downwards to Lichtenfels again to cater you with all the impressions, experiences and photos ;)

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Also the city Lichtenfels and RAGNARÖK FESTIVAL have to face tightened safety regulations after the tragic Love Parade disaster. Many bans, requirements and rules. Though I think, fans and guests could enjoy a lighthearted festival weekend. And in fact, some things have bettered.

I found for example that the garbage problem was better solved. Seems like that bags got more often and faster removed. On the camping ground people had to pay a waste collection fee but as it was heard, regulations were not that optimal. This time I did not see any fights around. But with hindsight we had to learn that metal heads got beaten by locals outside the festival area.

But there is one thing that still seems to be not controllable: fucking Nazis, skin heads and other right-winged pack. And I have no idea how to keep them away generally.
Security was once again very nice, at times maybe a bit too nice and inconsequent.

The RAGNARÖK FESTIVAL welcomed a little bit less fans than in 2009, which was ok I think. And the sound engineer seemed to have a very bad weekend. Bad sound was a regular nuisance during the weekend. What also went on nerves was a certain booze stand outside with its blatant offers and cruel taste in music.

The stage system the festival had last year in Rieden the organizers kept up, means, we had two stages with alternating bands and just a 10 minutes break in between. That was quite exhausting. Kind of power-partying. Well, you know, I still plead for less bands and more time to party. But maybe I’m just getting old *laughs*.

Downright bad I found the short term cancellation by SAHG. This band was one of my highlights to see here playing live. Shining, HammerHorde and Vrankenvorde had cancelled their appearances too but got replaced.

Last but not least we once again have to say THANK YOU to the organizers who always take care of us, also behind the stage, to the crew, securities and all the other people involved for such a great festival and the good times we had. You are just great!

That’s why we will come back next year again :) RAGNARÖK FESTIVAL 2012 will take place on April 12-14 in Lichtenfels.


story & pics © Dajana