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2014-12-28 DE – Bochum - RuhrCongress

Every year Potsdam based medieval Rock band SUBWAY TO SALLY invites to a Christmassy gathering dubbed as EISHEILIGE NACHT. Musical friends and like-minded bands share the stage at this annual festival that has long established itself as one of the best indoor events to celebrate the Christmas time and to finish a year with. In 2014 SALTATIO MORTIS, HELDMASCHINE and UNZUCHT joined the party.

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After a handful of snowflakes finally found its way down to the Ruhr area, the RuhrCongres Bochum presents itself in a winterly and xmas-like robe. It’s icy cold outside and the rush at the doors massive. Wow, wouldn’t have expected to see the hall that packed. Seems like the popularity of such kind of bands is still unbroken.

Subway To Sally frontman Eric Fish leads through tonight’s program and is specially excited to announce the first band :: UNZUCHT :: as they are close friends. Hailing from Hanover, UNZUCHT have just released their third record Venus Luzifer and prove once more their talent for profound dark lyrics in German language, without any kitsch and though much entertaining. Singer Daniel Schulz schmoozes the crowd with his charm and quickly masters them. Yes, that was an entertaining kick-off.

Next up is :: HELDMASCHINE :: who exactly sound the way they deny to sound like: like Rammstein. Every single note, single tune and single movement spreads the spirit of that band. Just not as good as the original. Not bad either. It doesn’t wonder as two of the members are actually involved in a real Rammstein cover band called Völkerball. However, one got what to expect in this matter, Rammstein-like songs with a harsh sound and gruff guitars, well played, entertaining and pleasing the fans around.

When :: SALTATIO MORTIS :: entered the stage it was clear who the real headliner is tonight. That even was to notice when Eric Fish introduced all bands in the beginning and the applause for the Karlsruhe-based bards was much lauder than the one for his own band. And SALTATIO MORTIS proved in the twinkling of an eye why. Light and sound was perfect, the band agile, acting lively, spreading a lot of good vibes and much energy that quickly jumped over to the audience, who eagerly followed singer Alea der Bescheidene, jumping and waving hands when he said so. Extremely funny I found his announcement to the song Wachstum über alles, when he recommended all Nazis and right-wing orientated people to leave the venue, because the band would disparage the national anthem ;) This song actually has a very profound text and should be read attentively. SALTATIO MORTIS said goodbye short and sweet, no encores, because they would enter the stage soon again to join Subway To Sally ;)
Setlist: Früher war alles besser, Idol, Sündenfall, Prometheus, Uns gehört die Welt, Eulenspiegel, Willkommen in der Weihnachtszeit, Wachstum über alles, Nur ein Traum, Satans Fall, Koma, Wo sind die Clowns?, Ode an die Feindschaft, Habgier und Tod, Worte, Spielmannsschwur

As already hinted :: SUBWAY TO SALLY :: could not keep up that high level of energy. Even pyros and fire didn’t help. The band tried hard but acted somewhat routinely and looked tired. The sound was muddy but at least the violin clearly to hear (incl. some wrongly played tones), the rest went under. The light… what light? Also SUBWAY TO SALLY have released a new album, entitled Mitgift, they played five songs from. The highlight of this show for sure was the "summit meeting" with Saltatio Mortis, who played 4 songs together, two from each band. Now the fans went mad, acted frenetically and brought out the best of both bands. With the classic Julia und die Räuber, SUBWAY TO SALLY said goodbye and released the fans into the cold night. To sum it up: the EISHEILIGE NACHT 2014 can be taken as full success for all four bands. Once again ;)
Setlist: Warte, Warte, Schwarze Seide, Feuerland, Wo Rosen Blüh'n, Wenn Engel hassen, Traum vom Tod II, Unterm Galgen, Grausame Schwester, Arme Ellen Schmitt, Für immer, Im Weidengarten, Das Schwarze Meer, Tanz auf dem Vulkan, Sieben // Gipfeltreffen mit Saltatio Mortis • Kleid aus Rosen, IX (Saltatio Mortis cover), Spielmannsschwur (Saltatio Mortis cover), Veitstanz // Julia und die Räuber


story & pics © Dajana & Dajana Winkel • Photography