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2019-07-20 DE – Cologne - E-Werk

| Doors: 7 pm | Show: 8 pm | Tickets: 16.00 Euro + fees | SOLD OUT |


25 is the magic number for SKUNK ANANSIE this year. Another band celebrating an awesome anniversary. 25 years and they did not lower a whit. Much the opposite. Still in its original line-up the lady and the gentlemen made themselves and us a gift and released a live album entitled 25LIVE@25, they immediately took the chance of touring across Europe with. Much appreciated, last time we saw SKUNK ANANSIE playing live over here was in 2016. So, it was about time again ;)
25 years later, SKUNK ANANSIE are still an elemental force. If you have seen them, you will outright agree. No wonder that the NH crew is eager to participate into this tour to see Skin and co. again.

As expected, Cologne’s :: E-Werk :: was sold out long before, as many other shows of this tour were too. It was a very hot and stormy Saturday evening, where long queues twisted around the building or fans sought for shelter to escape the rain. The rain was refreshing… for 3 seconds. Then an unbelievable mugginess stroke with full power. Arguments were about whether it is hotter and more humid inside or outside the venue. Hardly to say… Was there a difference at all?
Only door times were once again wrongly communicated. Instead of 6pm doors opened on 7pm. Well, so I at least caught a parking nearby ;)

:: pics :: ALLUSINLOVE ::

Every time Skunk Anansie tour Europe they bring us a fresh and free-spirited support band worth to be checked out. :: ALLUSINLOVE :: was the band of the day, totally new to me. So let the music do the talking. And the music had much to say ;) ALLUSINLOVE blew me away. The young & wild part 2. They rocked so violently they tore the place up in a twinkling of an eye. Just wow. Oh yeah, and they electrified the crowd too.
Musically, ALLUSINLOVE blend Rock, Pop, Alternative and Grunge with a decent Punk note. Watching the performance, I was slightly remembered of Warrior Soul.
have just released their debut It’s Ok To Talk, they played 9 of 11 songs from. Especially the title track has a deep meaning. Says the band: “We want to use this opportunity to spread awareness around mental health and remind each other to communicate more. Through music we can each navigate our way though the darker times. Music is therapy, and connection via music is essential to life. Please talk to each other. “
Nonetheless, ALLUSINLOVE are no newbies to the scene. Before, they were known as Allusondrugs and had released an EP and various singles. After a short hiatus and some considerations, they changed the name, reoriented themselves and now launched into this new endeavor with high-velocity groove. That was pure fun! And entertaining.
My recommendation: check them out!

Band: Jason Moules (Vocals/Guitar), Andrej Pavlovic (guitar), Jemal Beau Malki (Bass), Connor Fisher-Atack (Drums)

Setlist: Full Circle, Bad Girls, All My Love, Lucky You, I’m Your Man, Sunset Yellow, It’s Ok To Talk, Lover I Need A Friend, Good People

:: pics :: SKUNK ANANSIE ::

Short break - last chance to get a whiff of fresh air. It got really packed now. Lights out, spot on and :: SKUNK ANANSIE :: broke into Charlie Big Potato, one of the classics, filled with pure emotions and a perfect opener. Singer Skin was bouncing all over the stage, still breathtakingly beautiful, ageless and charismatic with a sharp voice. I think she is the most impressive front woman ever. Heat? Seemed to be a foreign word for her. She performed the entire show on a super high level of power and energy. She did not let up any second. Hats off for that! I had my probs with the heat and humidity, and to be honest, I have seen crowd and band acting much livelier in the past. Except for Skin.
Though, the atmosphere in the hall was great with the crowd jumping, dancing and singing along. During the third song, All In The Name Of Pity, Skin reached out to outstretched hands surfed the crowd forth and back. A ritual she is loved for.
went on with a career-spanning set and even with a little outlook of what my come next as the band played two brand new songs, This Means War and What You Do For Love (latest single release).
Unsurprisingly, the band focused more on the first three albums and its classics, than on newer material. I will not complain, I truly enjoyed all this old stuff again and swung my hips too. Even outside people were dancing ;)
Of course, SKUNK ANANSIE went political. Skin shared her fears about the Brexit and its consequences, made clear statements and encouraged her fans to stand up and fight the rise of fascism across the Western world as well as racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. She also thanked her fans for all the support throughout the years.
When songs slowed down Skin also played guitar or went into a duet with live keyboard player Erika, a talented singer herself, who already contributed guest vocals on Black Traffic and accompanied the band during earlier tours.
The show closed after an almost 2 hours lasting hot and sweaty ride with the band's 1995 anthem Little Baby Swastikkka given as the one and only encore.
Once again a monstrously energetic and powerful performance. The sound might have been too loud; the show was to hear far in the neighborhood. The light show was as great as always. Torn the place up? Yes, SKUNK ANANSIE did. Massively!

Band: Skin (vox, git), Ace (git), Mark Richardson (drums), Cass (bass), Erika Footman (live-keys)

Setlist: Charlie Big Potato, Because Of You, All In The Name Of Pity, I Can Dream, You'll Follow Me Down, My Ugly Boy, Twisted (Everyday Hurts), Weak, Cheap Honesty, Love Someone Else, I Believed In You, God Loves Only You, Can’t Get By, Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good), This Means War, Intellectualize My Blackness, Yes It's Fucking Political, Tear The Place Up // Brazen (Weep), What You Do For Love, Highway To Hell (AC/DC cover), The Skank Heads (Get Off Me) // Little Baby Swastikkka



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