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2012-08-31-09-01 DE – Essen - Viehofer Platz

8/31 • Rage - Helstar - Iron Savior - Restless - Mercury Tide - The Order Of Chaos - Emerald

9/1 • Asphyx - Desaster - Lillian Axe - Dr. Living Dead - Gloryful - Drone - Scanner - Seven Thorns - Human Zoo - Predatory Violence

[Dajana] The open air season comes to its unavoidable end and, at least for us, finds its grand final in the annual TUROCK OPEN AIR. Once again Essen’s city invites to a one week going fest with all kind of entertainment, for free! And one of the festival stages stands and belongs to our second home called Turock offering music the harder and louder way ;)

:: Pics :: Friday :: Saturday ::

Stage and light settings were ok, but when it came to the weather settings Turock boss Peter failed ;) It was cold, cloudy and rainy. And so a seldom event was kept hidden: the second full moon within one month. At least for the merchandisers the weather was boosting their businesses as three-fourths of the fans were summerlike dressed and in need to get longsleeves, hoodies, zipper and even hats. We were anyway ;)

FRIDAY, August 31

Rage - Helstar - Iron Savior - Restless - Mercury Tide - The Order Of Chaos - Emerald

After a hardworking day I arrive with the tunes of :: MERCURY TIDE :: Can’t see anything yet, I'm still not really receptive while bumping into my NH colleague Bert and decide first for a Guinness, or two, or three…

Okay, now I am ready! It was announced that :: RESTLESS :: would have to change their slot with Iron Savior due to delays at the airport, but as time has come it was RESTLESS entering the stage on time. Breathless and stressed but nothing that had an effect on their show. Short line check and then the British Rockabilly gents started rocking out.

Next up is :: IRON SAVIOR :: who made me hear “iron”, “savior” and “iron savior” in almost every song. Odd. They however were much entertaining and perfectly heat the crowd up. German Power Metal without any frills is always great for some action around.
Setlist: Descending, Starlight, The Savior, Condition Red, Break The Curse, Hall Of The Heroes, Coming Home, Heavy Metal Never Dies, Iron Watcher (Medley), Atlantis Falling

Ah, time has come for the first day’s highlight :: HELSTAR :: The one or the other might complain that the Texas guys went more Thrash-like most recently, but I don’t care; I like them either way ;) Singer James Rivera alone owns so much charisma that every show is a highlight, no matter, which band he is actually fronting. First the pics and the first row ;)

After the highlight the headliner of the first day of TUROCK OPEN AIR :: RAGE :: This time without orchestra and any bigger fuss. For some stupid reason I had still Mike Terrana in mind behind the kit and was surprised for a moment till I got it. RAGE were in best mood, best seen at Victor and Peavey who had a blast on stage, rocking, pulling faces and joking. The crowd paid back and went wild too. At the stroke of midnight the show was over and the place emptied quickly. Crappy weather. I leave as well, night is short and the alarm ringing at 4.30am…

SATURDAY, September 1

Asphyx - Desaster - Lillian Axe - Dr. Living Dead - Gloryful - Drone - Scanner - Seven Thorns - Human Zoo - Predatory Violence

Nagging was successful; today's weather outweighed all unpleasantness of the last day with sun and a blue sky and I can leave half of my winter wardrobe in the car :) Again I arrive late and just hear :: GLORYFUL :: while entering the area and getting me first a beer.

I’m looking forward to :: DR. LIVING DEAD :: who already blown me away at Rock Hard Festival. The Swedes deliver the perfect Thrash/Crossover mixture for a festival show to entertain everybody. It’s like Slayer with Suicidal Tendencies or so. Singer Dr. Ape was much pleased about the longhaired headbanging metal heads and circle pits going on and told us something about (his) hair loss ;)

For a long, long time I did not see :: SACRED STEEL :: live . Let’s see… last time 2007 on the Morgana Lefay tour… *pffff* The Ludwigsburg-based cats went greyer but didn’t lose any delight and energy in play. Nope, SACRED STEEL still know how to kick your ass with powerful, driving and enthusing Power Metal. Though, no new record for ages. Great show anyway!

I didn’t have many expectations on :: LILLIAN AXE :: Solid Hard Rock without highlights. I missed some pep and power. And some glam.

When we talk about German veterans in metal :: DESASTER :: comes in mind quickly. No lights and lotsa smoke. Hmpf. After 5 years DEASTER have finally a new album out, entitled The Arts Of Destruction, blackened Thrash Metal with an all destroying and killing vibe! And that's the way the band presented itself on stage. Yesss!

I guess, there is not that much to tell about :: ASPHYX :: anymore. The Dutch Death metallers have almost the same kind of cult status as Bolt Thrower, means, if they play near your town; it’s a must-be-there event and always a guarantor for a great evening’s entertainment. The band is in best mood, playing a very aggressive style, while the crowd is freaking out ;) Martin van Drunen gives a lecture on German beer and gets himself sloshed first.

And so the TUROCK OPEN AIR 2012 finds its way too fast end again. Not enough time. But I had a blast, that’s for sure. And next year I will take the days off and party hard. So!


story & pics © Dajana