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2017-10-06 DE – Essen - Turock

| Doors: 6.45 pm | Show: 7 pm | Tickets: 21.00 EUR + fees | Box office: 26 Euro |


After the unexpectedly short performance at Prophecy Fest, I was keen on seeing the grand marshals of the Cthulhu cult performing in all its glory again. Even more, as THE VISION BLEAK invited such illustrious guest as NOCTE OBDUCTA and SAILLE, to finish their tour circuit in support of their latest effort The Unknown.

Far too rarely this year, for the second time to be exactly, I made a stop at our favorite live club, the :: Turock ::. It’s a Friday, the highways were packed and the show started early with a tight schedule. At 11pm the stage had to be cleared for the upcoming party.

:: pics :: SAILLE ::

Okay. I was late, of course, and needed to scurry in quickly. Cameras out of the bag and checked and… the lights went out and the spots on for :: SAILLE ::. Really on the dot. The club is barely filled but the Belgians accepted the challenge and kicked off the evening with tracks from their new album Gnosis. As their brand of black metal is quite symphonic and they don’t have a keyboard player on tour, most stuff came from the player. This is actually no problem, but the sound was pulpy and symphonic elements were largely killed that way. Too bad. I like this kind of symphonic sound, reminded me of old Dimmu Borgir. And there was also a lot of groove in it ;)
talked in German to the audience and tried right from beginning to connect to the people. Worked out well. Song by song people came closer to the stage and cheered the band; others came in and filled the club. Perhaps, the stage-acting was a bit lame. Otherwise, the show was pretty good.
Setlist: Benei ha’Elohim, Pandaemonium Gathers, Emerald/Walpurgis, Fhtagn, Maere, Prometheus, Haunter Of The Dark

:: pics :: NOCTE OBDUCTA ::

Up next was :: NOCTE OBDUCTA ::, who changed their equipment in a twinkling of an eye and surprisingly started with a Misfits intro. And scored. Immediately. Even more when they played another Mistfits song with Braineaters, which led a cheeky guy screaming for more Misfits song ;)
Although NOCTE OBDUCTA have a new album out, they only played two songs from it. Instead, they focused on old material. Really old one. Solange euer Fleisch noch warm ist from the debut Lethe - Gottverreckte Finsternis was played for example, and November from the sophomore Taverne - In Schatten schäbiger Spelunken. The now numerous present fans went really nuts about those old tracks and adored the band for this pleasure. As you can imagine, the smiles on the band members faces were big. Singer Torsten thanked for the warm welcome on their very first European tour. Um… what? I have seen them already several times. Oh, okay, that have been festival performances and single shows. So, after more than two decades in existence this tour indeed turns out to be the first one for NOCTE OBDUCTA. Good things come to those who wait. I hope, it paid off and we will have the pleasure to see them more often. The show here at the Turock was very intensive, captivating and went under the skin! Awesome!
Setlist: Intro, Niemals gelebt, Es fließe Blut, Trollgott, Anis (Desîhras Tagebuch - Kapitel I), Die Pfähler, Töchter des Mondes, Solange euer Fleisch noch warm ist, Liebster, Am Waldrand, Braineaters (Misfits Cover), November/Und Pan spielt die Flöte (Desîhras Tagebuch - Kapitel II)

:: pics :: THE VISION BLEAK ::

Again, a hectic change-over followed. There were really serious about the schedule. It’s already 9.30pm and that means, :: THE VISION BLEAK :: will only play a 60 minutes show. Again a rather slim headliner show.
As already mentioned, THE VISION BLEAK will finish the live promotion for their current release The Unknown with this tour. Despite the limited time they though played half of the songs from this record, spiced with classics from the past. The band was in fabulous mood. Especially drummer Vincent seemed to have a lot of fun and enjoyed himself. The show also featured violinist Aline Deinert (Neun Welten, Shadow Philharmonics) as guest musician, who added a special note to the music. The show, of course, rocked and grooved the hell out of the Turock club, seeing the fans likewise moshing and rocking and singing along. Ok, frontman Konstanz did his best to animate the crowd like a pro whenever there was a sign of tiredness to sense within the fans. It was a great atmosphere and we hall had a lot of fun at the show.
The band finished its set, a short break followed, with two smashing hits during the encore, summing up to a playing time of 70 minutes. 20 minutes left, stage cleared, in no time. Wow. Ready for the party to get off the grid.
This was indeed a great and entertaining evening. Thank you much guys and girls :) Oh, and by the way, the reconstruction works at the Turock were worth the wait. Looks great.
Setlist: Spirits Of The Dead, From Wolf To Peacock, Night Of The Living Dead, Carpathia, Into The Unknown, Descend Into Maelstrom, I Dined With The Swans, The Kindred Of The Sunset, Deathship Symphony, The Whine Of The Cemetary Hound, By Our Brotherhood With Seth // Kutulu, Lone Night Rider


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