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2003-06-26 DE – Herford - Kick

With the new album Life Is Killing Me in their baggages TYPE O NEGATIVE headed over to Europe for a few festival appearances. To connect the single fests they also played a few club shows in between. Surprisingly OPETH filled the slot as support for TYPE O NEGATIVE and I think they did not do themselves a favor with that idea. OPETH just played 4 track in 35 minutes!!! That’s a shame!!! TYPE O NEGATIVE has shown their lacking respect to the fans with just a bit more of an hour playing time and two poor encores. That all together for 26,55 Euro! That mates I call a rip-off!!! Two bands with a pure playing time of just 2 hours? What a cheek!

:: OPETH :: started slightly belated. Maybe just the half of the crowd of the almost sold out venue was attending. Well, what can I say? Those who were not been in have missed a first class show. OPETH just got time for 4 songs, so it didn’t make sense to present such a great album as Damnation is. Only thing OPETH could do was to play a mix from the past to please the fans like Godheads Lament from Still Life, Deamon Of The Fall from My Arms, Your Hearse, Drapery Falls from Blackwater Park and Deliverance. Most part of the audience was visibly swamped with such complex work. Only Drapery Falls raised a bit of a feedback from the crowd. Great show!
It was ok, that the photographers just could take photos at the first three tracks, but it was mean, that exactly at this time the man behind the light has saved it.

While the roadies were changing the backline, the rest of the audience stepped in and it got very, very crowded. Exclusively for Mr. Steele a bar got built up on his bass amp with lots of alcoholics (and 3 bottles of water as decoration), he extensively used. Even an air tank was lying around anywhere in the background. After a short intro the band entered the stage with surgeon outfits and kicked off with Fucking Someone Else. Big annoyance here: in the photo pit it was not allowed to take photos with flashes (5 people there) while at least the half of the crowd was flashing around as hell with their cams. Stupidly I didn’t have high-sensitive (800) films in my cam, so no good pics :( :: TYPE O NEGATIVE :: have played their show experienced but halfhearted. Only key man Josh Silver was clowning around a little and brought some life on stage. Altogether the new tracks sounded pretty hardcore-driven, even punk-like. The older songs got adapted to this style. Nothing was acting depressive although the songs are still dripping of pure cynicism. Here the reactions of the audience was also contained. Pete’s statements didn’t reach the crowds or just weren’t understood. After 80 minutes the show was over. The band came back just once with I Don’t Want To Be from the new album and the classic Black No.1. That’s that!
Setlist: Intro, Fucking Someone Else, Wolf Moon, Everybody I Love Is Dead, Christian Woman, Love You To Death, World Coming Down, Kill Whitey, Cornicopia, Pain, Girlfriend’s Girlfriend :: I Don’t Want To Be Me, Black No. 1

Altogether just a moderate show. Already have seen TYPE O NEGATIVE much more and better in action. To go to this show for an half hour of OPETH was worthwhile though, but they were been out of place as support. Please can I kill the one who was responsible for this „organization“?
As I already mentioned the ticket prizes were been much too expensive. What we have to expect from the official Life Is Killing Me our in autumn? 40Euro? Even more? That can’t be true, can it? And please: why is Roadrunner selling their brand new CD for 15 Euro when you can buy this album in every CD store for less money? I think prizes for shirts were been exorbitant as well (25 Euro). How far they go with their rip-off? Anyway, the club itself was cool with acceptable prizes.
TYPE O NEGATIVE have used up much of their fan bonus for me. It’s a pity.

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