Label: Sliptrick Records
Release: September 9, 2017
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8.5/10
Time: 43:50
Style: Metal
URL: Atrium Noctis

Pleasant nostalgic feelings spread when a delicate, sparingly used female voice duels with a screeching counterpart and flat keyboards are crossed with wistful guitar leads. A few hearty growls should not be missed and so the opening Datura Noir, despite its abundant playing time, develops into an entertaining, dark mini-opera in the style of Darkseed or Crematory with theatrical Cradle Of Filth impact.
After this rather borne introduction, ZerberonsErwachen follows with an energetic kick on the accelerator pedal, but gritty insertions with a spoken voice and a keyboard carpet add some variety. The tomb-like voice and the proudly running rhythm spread a pitch-black aura with the heavy, partly too dominant in the foreground mixed symphonic additions. After these opulent compositions, ATRIUM NOCTIS cleverly place a feeble, flaky breathing pause with the lively interlude AD I, but toward the end this song, we face a transformation into kind of speed-folk attack.
Shortly thereafter, the monstrous Leviathan appears as the heart of the album with spoken introduction, gentle piano sounds and eerily beautiful choirs. Carefully grooving passages alternate with Angizia-like, wonderfully pearling piano motifs, a bit of bombast and groovy beats mix in as well.
Wistful melodies dominate Die Nacht Des Falken at the beginning, ere galloping rhythms, familiar flat keyboards, an elfin female voice, successful guitar harmonies and cool growl-screech-variations appear. The song´s playtime flies by caused by this multi-faceted, demanding and finally congruent presentation; the contemplative final chord ADE comes just right there to gently guide the eagerly  listener to the end.
ATRIUM NOCTIS succeeds in creating a symbiosis of Gothic suspense, discreet symphonics, variable vocals, rattling grooves and courageous attacks in a harmonious manner. Only the tinny percussion and the sometimes too superficial orchestral arrangements affect my auditive joy in marginal form, but this nocturnal trip conveys in its detailed, pathetic, then again heroic striding or thoughtfully restrained manner a comprehensive listening pleasure with depth.