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Sheol Afterlife

2012-12-21 DE – Essen - Turock

Ahhh…The day of the apocalypse :) Again. The legendary one… Where to celebrate this event any better than in my lovely second home Turock and with SIX FEET UNDER on stage? Alright, perfect timing I’d say ;)

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My own timing however was not. Due to work apocalyptic weather and apocalyptic traffic I arrive too late and just catch the last song of the second band, Spanish Grunge/Alternative rockers :: THE BLINDED :: Seems like that generally bands have changed. Goddamn and Shattered Society are seemingly not on the bill anymore. For that, so I heard, local melodic deather :: THE HOPELEZZ :: jumped in on a very short notice. However… while the last tunes pass by I get me a drink and take a breath for the next to come. Oh, by the way… the drum sound was utterly brutal and intensive. Man, I tell you…

Next up are Norwegian extreme metallers :: SHEOL AFTERLIFE :: I never heard of them before. Also a subsequently research did not quarry any further information. Just for the fact that the band is hailing from Kvinesdal, Norway, unsigned and has just released a demo CD. Musically the five-head-piece blends (Slayer-tinged) Thrash and Death Metal with Metalcore added by a special kind of Norwegian crazy-progressive note. Sound is still brutal and massive, vibrates in my guts and let my bones ring. Wow! A blow away experience. Not bad, man, not bad.
Setlist: Intro, Judgement Zero, The Scent, Divine, Tools Of God, This Murders Crown, To Dissect, Your Very Own Grave

But highlight of the evening is, without a doubt, :: SIX FEET UNDER :: The world did not go down yet, nor are abysses growing, meteorites lashing down or a God burning down the Turock. Mood is though boiled and aggressive and the obeisance for Chris Barnes frenetically. Now I am a little bit surprised. Did not see SIX FEET UNDER as band becoming so iconic. Chris Barnes itself however looks pretty much damaged. Seems like he most recently had an encounter of a third kind. Never mind. Besides Chris the band goes wild on stage and so does the crowd too. Sometimes a bit too overwhelming causing some intervention by the security. For some reasons not clear to me SIX FEET UNDER don’t play any new song from the just released ninth album Undead, instead they go through their history with a best-of set of classics taking a longer stop at Maximum Violence.
As it is a Friday show ends at 11 pm, okay, a little bit belated ;) It was the very last show in 2012 for me and tonight’s jaunt was a worthy final. For a little summary: I attended 39 shows and 5 festivals, with 195 different bands on two continents, with 19.100 (flown) kilometers travelled. I already did more but hey, I for sure don’t wanna nag ;) I and the Nocturnal Hall Magazine says goodbye in 2012. We see us again in 2013 :)
Setlist: No Warning Shot, Revenge Of The Zombie, Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane, Victim Of The Paranoid, The Day The Dead Walked, Torn To The Bone, Deathklaat, Beneath A Black Sky, Human Target, Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse cover)


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