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2012-02-24 DE – Oberhausen - Schacht1

ALCEST and LES DISCRETS together on tour… that was supposed to be a wonderful concert evening. And yes, I got not disappointed, this evening was magical! Both bands have a brand new record out, whereas LES DISCRETS have the edge over ALCEST. For LES DISCRETS it is the very first tour after having played only two shows (the one at Germany’s legendary Wave Gotik Treffen was the first ever) and so I was much more curious and excited to see them playing live.

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The location Schacht1 was with almost 600 fans much crowded. No wonder, tonight’s show was the only one in Germany. But also generally speaking the tour was well-attended and successful with many shows sold out in advance as well as at door. The venue itself was new to me too, nearby the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen. It’s a nice club, huge and high stage, bigger than the Turock for example. Only the lights… well… not that I wanted to have dazzling floodlights with these bands, but at least more than the luminance of a candle…

First up is the local support :: HERETOIR :: founded back in 2006 as a one-man-project, now grown up to a duo and live even to a quartet. Unfortunately I only got the last three songs because I hung out with Fursy Teyssier doing n interview. But what heard I think HERETOIR have the right touch for promising Post (Black) Metal. Only the breaks between the songs were too long and too silent causing unpleasing moments. As I read HERETOIR plan to enter the studio and to release their sophomore later this year, so let’s see what they are coming up with.
Setlist: Ausgeburt, Interlude, Retreat To Hibernate, Graue Bauten, Heretoir, Inhale

Paris-based act :: SOROR DOLOROSA :: was totally unknown to me before, a new band that still needed to be discovered ;) These gents play Dark Wave or Cold Wave as they say, deeply rooted in the 80’s following idols such as Fields, Sisters and The Cure. Sparse instrumentation and a lot of smoke, while singer Andy Julia was too exerted to be lascivious and cool. He was neither androgynous nor sexy but without doubt has a great voice and a considerable flock of fans. Musically not bad, visually… well. Listening to SOROR DOLOROSA back home gave a much better impression.

Time has come for :: LES DISCRETS :: seeing Fursy Teyssier on guitar and vocals Alcest’s Neige on bass and Alcest’s live guitarist Zero on second guitar and vocals in replacement for Audrey, who obviously did not take part in this tour. Winterhalter on drums. LES DISCRETS kicked off their show with two songs from the debut Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées and then changed over to the brand new record Ariettes Oubliées... with the hauntingly beautiful Le Mouvement Perpetual, one of my faves on this album. All I can say is… it gave me shivers and I got gooseflesh! The crowd’s response was awesome and monsieur Teyssier smiling. Geez, this show was truly awesome, magical… *sighs* and way too short!
Setlist: L'Échappée, Les Feuilles De l'olivier, La Traversée, La Nuit Muette, Le Mouvement Perpetual, Gas In Vein, Song For Mountains

Quick change on bass and guitar, flowing hair instead of pigtails and :: ALCEST :: are ready getting in with the opener of their new album Les Voyages De L'Âme. Right after they go through all of their three records and I again have to notice what I already mentioned in my album review: new songs are lacking of a certain power, of something special, especially in direct comparison here and live with the older tracks. Fortunately ALCEST played a balanced mix of old and new material and created a memorable atmosphere. The audience could not get enough and cheered the band enthusiastically. My favorite ALCEST was not played, too bad, for me, but just for a moment ;) This show was indeed wonderful. Two encores were granted and then it’s over, shortly before midnight. While one part is besiege the merchandise (as I wanted to do so too, but it was way too crowded) and the other got ready for the following metal party I sneaked out to drive home quickly. You know, morning shift, once again, and I wanted to nap for at least for 2 hrs…
Setlist: Autre Temps, Les Iris, Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles, Les Voyages De l'âme, Printemps Émeraude, Écailles De Lune (Part I), Sur l'océan Couleur De Fer, Ciel Errant, Percées De Lumière // Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde, Summer's Glory


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