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2011-04-08 DE – Osbabrueck - Ballroom

It’s no secret that certain NH crew members have a significant disposition regarding Norway’s hard rockers AUDREY HORNE ;) Having released their third and self-titled album in early 2010, there was no real tour in support so far, except a few festival appearances and small tours in Scandinavia. But someone answered our prayers and finally sent out the gents for 9-gig tour throughout Germany and Swiss. And the tour kick-off show in Osnabrueck’s Ballroom is mine!

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Apropos Ballroom… this “new” club is the old N8, just with a new name and a new owner. Nothing has changed there so far, only the room allocation (a Hip Hop party in the small hall at the same time???). However, since the Ballroom takes off the concert announcements from the website when the pre-sale is over, I only found one time for the show, 8pm, which was of course the door time, since I arrived a half hour earlier.

Ok, some time left to sit out till doors finally open. Show kick-off is scheduled for 9pm. It’s fine with me at two bands. BUT… the keen-eyed one could discover a backdrop with an (almost) unpronounceable band name :: BODYGUERRA :: the local support. “Guerra” actually means “war” in Spanish or Italian. Ok, the body warriors played a 30 minutes classic Rock/Hard Rock show with songs taken from the bands conceptual debut record Freddy… Nothing As It Seems. Not so many people attended this part, and the ones already inside stayed in the background at the bar. BODYGUERRA did their best but could not get the people up. And to be honest I wish the 30 minutes would have been added to the Audrey Horne show.
Setlist: The Retreat, Dr. Death, No Proof For Innocence, 21 Market Street, Smoke Without A Fire, Path To Eden

Next up were Danish alternative metallers :: MALRUN :: They also have a new record out, the band’s first full-length entitled Beauty In Chaos and I’m still undetermined if it is really cool now or not ;) In fact the loudness was way too extreme and killed the sound. The voice of singer Jakob was not to hear out at all. The sound engineer reset and re-adjusted, made it at least acceptable, still too loud, but the acoustic version of Wounded Pride was a gooseflesh causing and beautiful track. Generally speaking the MALRUN guys are terribly nice, so downright congenial. They had a blast, joked and fooled around and singer Jakob dug up his German language skills. Musically I got reminded of Sweden’s band Korea. MALRUN just sound heavier. I have to admit, I like MALRUN much more on CD. Live sound wasn’t the best what mostly killed the singing performance. Though, I liked them ;)
Setlist: Ostracized, The Jovian Transit, Balkan, Testikel, Wounded Pride, Rise From Sorrow, The Pledge, Strapped While You Dance, Trim The Fat

BUT… the woman’s desire was clearly defined and named ;) :: AUDREY HORNE :: With the intro and Charon they entered the stage at 11pm. Again way too loud and with devastating sound. It took four songs till the sound man got things right. More or less. At least I could hear on of my faves, Bridges & Anchors, during the sound check, in much better quality ;) Right from the outset singer Toschie got in very close contact to the audience. Crowd has not increased that much in the meantime, at the end I guess 200, 250 fans? I don’t know… There was still enough space left anyway. Toschie jumped over the pit fence and got even closer to the fans, as far as the micro wire let him go. On stage my favorite guitarist duo Thomas Tofthagen and Arve Isdal rocked the Ballroom to its foundation. So cute (sorry ;)), so adorable these both guys ;) Truly stunning! I so love these guitar harmonies and their interplay. Of course, the rest of the band did not fall any short, just stayed more in the background, as drummer and keyboarder are somewhat confined to their instruments ;) Anyway, AUDREY HORNE went through all three albums, but for only 60 minutes. WTF??? At midnight the show was over, without usual rites and encores. Ok, 90 minutes would have satisfied me either. AUDREY HORNE as headliner? Not under 2 hrs! What a shame, only one hour of playing time…*grrrrr*
Much more fan-friendly were the merch package consisting a shirt/girlie, the latest CD as ltd. edition, 3 buttons and a tour poster, all for 30 Euro! 3-2-1 my one. Oh, by the way… „dirty lies and broken hearts, this is love“ made it on the girlie ;) Yes! (I voted for this one).
Setlist: Charon, Jaws, Last Call, Pitch Black Morning, Bridges & Anchors, Circus, Sail Away, Firehose, Last Chance For A Serenade, Dead, Threshold, Blaze Of Ashes, Confessions & Alcohol

Summary: Some minor probs, usual tour kick-off troubles but all in all a fkg great show! AUDREY HORNE made it on #2 on my list of best live shows in 2011. Devin is now on #3. All I can say is: go and see AUDREY HORNE playing live! It’s definitely something special ;) I will do it again. Took the first show and will catch them on their last show too ;)


story & pics © Dajana