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2005-01-23 DE – Osnabrueck - N8

BOLT THROWER on tour? Ok, that’s my day! Nothing more to say to introduce anything in this matter ;) A BOLT THROWER show is a must! Especially since they have released another highlight with Once Those Loyal, a death metal masterpiece I wanna see to be supported live. And the band’s last tour was in 2003…
And just to increase the fun a nice killing package was formed around, its bands don’t need any introduction anymore, no matter if you take high-tech-speed deathers NECROPHAGIST from Germany, Greek-Swedes NIGHTRAGE and American sickos of MALEVOLENT CREATION. Excellent and high-quality Death Metal fare. Four bands to pleasure your ears, eyes and necks.
Of course the audience appreciate such billing; tour and the tonight’s show at N8 was (almost) sold out with many hopeful faces in front of the stage…

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:. NECROPHAGIST ~ kicked off the show quite early serving one neck-breaking crusher in turn. Everything was passing by extremely fast, hardly any word to the audience and no announcements. Songs across the band’s history were played … hehehe … ok, besides the label debut Epitaph, there is just one album (Onset Of Putrefaction) and a demo available. Hey guys move your asses and finally record another full-length! After 30 minutes playing time that felt like 15 minutes NECROPHAGIST show was over. Quite technical death metal but tons of groove and made to bang your head off. Great stuff, way to go! \m/

:. NIGHTRAGE ~ surprised with the fact that they tied Necrophagist guitarist Christian Muenzner up on stage. He just changed the axe, abusing the fretboard instead of original string service provider Gus G., who was indispensable at anyone’s studio. Mr. Muenzner was just adopting the NIGHTRAGE program within a week. Hats off! Too bad, that you only could see him playing solos instead of hearing them. Anyway, Swedish-Greek powerhouse went down extremely well too. They were acting aggressive, powerful and agile, while front shouter Jimmie Strimell was screaming his soul off his body. The band likewise rolled down anything and anyone with ICE-speed. Before you could say knife the second show was over, the backline changed and the next band entering the stage…

:. MALEVOLENT CREATION ~ didn’t take any prisoners. Right from the first second they gave full speed letting the crowd freaking out entirely. It became quite narrow in the first row, but comfortably warm ;) Again the band went through a staff rotation (the 12th one) but with the engagement of drummer Tony Laureano (ex-Nile, God Dethroned) they made a clever move. The crazy heads presented themselves once again unbelievably aggressive, brutal and marvelously wild, just leaving scorched earth behind. Front sicko Kyle Symons was almost running riot, going insane and screaming dervish at his best. Crowd was thrilled. What a hell of a show. Sick. Groovy!

:. BOLT THROWER ~ of course was the icing on the cake this evening, to round up an amazing death metal massacre. Completely fogged the actors were hardly to see but for that the band had much room on the cleared stage (other bands had to use the room that was left after the BOLT THROWER equipment was built up). Anyway, Martin Kearns could now let off steam behind a huge special construction of his drum kit. Watching him work behind was much impressing ;) Needless to say that all members delivered their work in ultimate perfection… Same for the sound. Original singer Karl Willetts who rejoined the fold with the current album was downright beside himself with joy, enjoying an enthusiastic audience, saying thank you umpteen times. He was spreading so much energy and enthusiasm, none couldn’t elude. He was infecting everybody. However, the show was raising the roof, band and fans likewise had a tremendous blast. Just great!
Setlist: At First Light, Entrenched, Mercenary, World Eater, Cenotaph, The Killchain, Powder Burns, Where Next To Conquer, Those Once Loyal, No Gust No Glory // The IVth Crusade, Where Cannons Fade

Upshot: Although there were some discussions afterwards about the sound (people from the front side hadn’t anything to nag about, people from the backside were complaining) this show was just fucking great!


story & pics © Dajana