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2005-11-21 DE – Osnabrueck - N8

Every metalhead outgrown of its children’s shoe should have seen Germans thrash veterans DESTRUCTION at least five time playing live. Of course, Schmier, Mike and Mark are still worthy a crushing and entertaining show, but highlight of this tour is without a doubt CANDLEMASS. After their reunion, great festival appearances, an outstanding new (and self-titled) album and two DVD releases, fans mouths were watering. Finally (after several attempts) the Swedes managed to catch a support slot and are now hunting across Europe. Added by Belgian power/thrash metallers AFTER ALL and Finnish death/thrashers DEATHCHAIN attendees got a varied package for an entertaining evening…
In fact the N8 was quite empty. During the DESTRUCTION approx. 150 people might have been showed up. But the crowd was in high spirit giving tons of positive feedback to all bands…

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:. DEATHCHAIN ~ already convinced the magazine’s crew with their sophomore Deaththrash Assault (8.5 out of 10 points) and kicked of their set on time. Dunno for what reason, but the guy behind the light-knobs let the Finns act in darkness. And I thought we were outgrown such stupid behavior (support band = bad sound and bad light show)… Anyway, DEATHCHAIN didn’t care and kicked some asses with their own heavy death/thrash style, letting the first couple of long-haired heads rotate. Songs spanned both albums, the debut Deadmeat Disciples and the current one. Great start. I liked the guys. Way to go! \m/

:. AFTER ALL ~ received rave reviews for their album Mercury Rising (2002) and mostly felt out of favor with the follow-up The Vermin Breed (2005). So I was quite curious how they would turn out live since they are now much thrashier. The Belgian gents began a cheerful entrance introduction as they presented themselves with self confidence and seemed very agile. Especially singer Piet Focroul had an overwhelming urge to jump, move and climb (on the box tower), pulling many faces. After 30 minutes playing time AFTER ALL said good-bye with a fresh version of Slayers Reign In Blood.

:. DESTRUCTION ~ entered the stage totally pissed off. Especially Schmier found fault with everything, no matter if it was the monitor sound, the mite one had to pay at the door (he said at every other venue one had to pay 5€ less) or the sparse audience, he blamed the organizers for bad promotion. But he got calmed down when realizing the fans overwhelmingly paying homage to him, never getting tired to thank the fans for such amazing support and good mood. Highlights of the show were some really ancient classics such as Mad Butcher und Total Desaster (from 84’s Sentence Of Death) and Unconscious Ruins (Release From Agony, ’88), Life Without Sense and Curse The Gods (Eternal Devestation, ’86); the talks between Schmier and the crowd (almost cult!) and unbelievably 3 encores. With the very last songs Candlemass’ Messiah Marcolin joined DESTRUCTION on stage, driving the audience mad…
Setlist: Soul Collector, Nailed To The Cross, Mad Butcher, Unconscious Ruins, The Ritual/Antichrist/ Release, Defiance Will Remain, Thrash Till Death, Confused Mind, Life Without Sense, Metal Discharge, Eternal Ban // Curse The Gods, Total Desaster // Bestial Invasion, The Butcher Strikes Back, // The Alliance Of Hellhoundz

:. CANDLEMASS ~ surprisingly appeared as a four-piece-entity. As to learn later axeman Mats Björkman had to go back home for family reasons. Four-stringer Leif Edling commented on this situation: „Playing as a quartet is not fun at all but what can you do? You just strap on, distort the bass as fuck, and smile. The show must go on...” Well, his smile I’d describe more as some nice grimaces. Though, he seemed to have lotsa fun… ;)
From the very first tone CANDLEMASS rocked down earth but still in well known manner. Since I’m not 20 anymore I have already seen the Swedes performing live 15 years ago and I tell you: nothing has changed! Vivid and jovial since ever, that’s just amazing! CANDLEMASS also played a great mix of old classics and new material from the self-titled white album. Fans were thrilled, lying to Messiahs feet, while he tried out his German language, causing many laughs (“I’m the doom-grandpa"). CANDLEMASS is a genuine, you love or hate them. There is not that much left between. I love them and I think they never will play any bad show. They are so entertaining that they always leave a good impression. Grandiose show, really!
Setlist: Mirror Mirror, Bewitched, Solitude, Black Dwarf, Copernicus, Dark Are The Veils // Well Of Souls, Born In A Tank // Samarithan, Assassins // Crystal Ball

Upshot: despite of a small attendance, crowd has been in best mood, almost wild. Where DESTRUCTION appeared a little pathetic, CANDLEMASS made it up talking about lotsa funny topics. While the Swedes and Finns were slumming, the other both bands disappeared without a trace… too bad. However, it was a great entertaining evening and I’m not getting tired of seeing CANDLEMASS performing live. I’m just wondering if Schmier was right and the tickets were 5€ cheaper everywhere else. If so, we should kick some organizers asses here in Osnabrueck for this rip-off…


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