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2010-03-26 DE – Hannover - Indiego Glocksee

Great events are often foreshadowed and this year’s Spring is supposed to be hot, although the weather still has its twists and turns, bringing cold and snow and being utmost miserly with warm and sunny days. Never mind! Inside the concert halls is it always… hot!
With the Easter highlights and two awesome festivals ahead, I start into my personal Spring season with two Warrior Soul shows and my new Thrash Metal faves CRIPPER.
After having finished a very successful tour with Overkill, Hanover’s finest Thrash hopefuls play their hometown at full length. Sounds like a big party I definitely want to be a part of. Together with lovely Wiebke (Hotel666.de) we got on the road to adore frontwoman Britta and her men ;)

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Hanover has not seen me often for shows. Maybe one or two times and that ages ago. So the autonomous center with the Glocksee included was new to me. And it seems that’s a place for night owls. Before 9pm nothing happens here. We arrived quite late but though had to wait outside freezing till they finally opened the doors and let us in. Nice club by the way… ;)

From both supporting bands I haven’t heard anything from so far. Here is something new to discover ;) It took even more time before :: DENY THE URGE :: finally got onto stage. The guys from Braunschweig delivered an ultra technical Death Metal chunk. The old American school I’d say. Although much complex DENY THE URGE left room for driving riffwork one can headbang to. As for ambitious guitar players, frontman Henrik Osterloh was probably an eye-candy. But his tricky stuff made him some sort of leggy. Regarding his mimic and stage performance he could be Hupogrammos’ little bro (former Negura Bunget) ;) Great show, great kickoff!
Setlist: Open The Gates, Ground Zero, Dying World, Expandable World, Father Of All, Isolation, Material God, Ruber Of The Cart, The Mask Itself

:: MAGNA MORTALIS :: afterwards kept the style, just differently. Less technical finesse and much more groove. Groove Death Metal so to speak *laughs* Singer Arne had a lot of fun on stage. When not serving deep-throated growls he was joking and fooling around. Fans now reached the maximum presence and came close to the stage. I guess approx. 200 crazy heads attended this show and enjoyed MAGNA MORTALIS, who almost played their complete debut album Onward. Two songs I could not sort out, must have been new ones ;) Truly asskicking!
Setlist: Radiative Benediction, Of Man’s Defeat, Holme’s Sweet Home, 9er, Alive But Dead, San, Antithesis Of Creation, See Me No More, False Crusade, Impact, Onward

Before it was up to :: CRIPPER :: people raided their merchandise. I actually wanted to do so too, after the show. But seeing this I immediately grabbed my wanted items. Thank god, because I got the last shirt ;) CRIPPER were likewise in best mood and put everything they had into their show. Pure energy and enthusiasm. And they totally scored. Well, I don’t really wonder ;) It’s their hometown and singer Britta embraces and involves her audience, some even personally. Fans return the favor while adoring her and singing along the tracks. It got damn late but hey, CRIPPER made this night! Awesome show!
Setlist: Shortcut, Junkie Shuffle, I […], Live Is Deadly, Revolution, Attention Deficit, Black Terra, Fire Walk With Me, I’m The Pit // Faqu, Hysteria


story & pics © Dajana