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2009-05-09 DE – Essen - Turock

Yes, yes, yeeeeeeeesssss! Finally! Finally I got the chance to see my favorite Death Metal extremists of DISBELIEF playing live again. Besides of some festival appearances, the last headlining show I attended was really ages ago. Much better, DISBELIEF tour in support of their brand new record Protected Hell, an awesome masterpiece, one of their best albums ever (did they ever unleash only an average one? NO!!!). Anyway, 10 points! Album of the month on Nocturnal Hall! Of course! Everything could have happened… No holding back. Luckily the world did not go down, hehe. It was a must-to-be-there show for sure and I just had to walk around the corner. More or less. Ya know, my second home called Turock *laughs*

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Sharing stage was Munich-based up-and-coming band GRANTIG, Bavarian cats playing Thrash Metal with German lyrics. They raised some good reputation with their debut on NH. However, there was also a third “support-act” announced, but who it was... was kept secretly. Till the end. Because the band did not appear. They preferred to have a barbecue instead. On short notice. WTF??? Barbecue? To comment with the Turock boss’ words: “very professional” Um… yes.
Having scheduled an interview with DISBELIEF we arrived early, just to realize that everything was pushed back for an hour. The guys just arrived from Kiel and now started with the soundcheck. Hm. Ok. The interview actually took place after midnight *lol* Nevermind. Time for some beer and food at Café Nord next door ;)

Kicking off half past 8 :: GRANTIG :: had the pleasure to get welcomed by an own fan-base. Around 20 kids stormed in front of the stage celebrating the band and partying hard. Surprise, surprise. Nothing I really expected to experience. More than a year after the band’s debut So muss es sein, GRANTIG just released their sophomore entitled Medizin, now to be presented to the audience. Music is for sure much powerful and driving, displaying some great guitar work (both axe-men outfitted with Dimebag-Signatures), but singing and the German lyrics is something you need to get used to. It’s not my cup of tea anyway. I also think the cats could have been more active on stage. Other ones liked it a lot, seeing the kids almost freakin’ out. And, at the end, GRANTIG even could play an encore ;)
Setlist: Medizin, Wir haben nichts dazugelernt, Nein Danke, Jeder kann es schaffen, So muss es sein, Guten Appetit, Du bist nicht allein, 24 Jahre, Der König, Der Fremde

The Turock was still clearly arranged, I’d guess 100 peeps around. Of course a shame for :: DISBELIEF :: a band that deserves much more. Much more fans attending their shows, much more attention in the biz, ya know. They took it easy, time for me to gulp the one or the other beer. Nah, not THAT many *lol* You know, I don’t get drunk anymore ;) When lights got switched out fans started to scream welcoming the band with open hearts. Kicking off with the intro and first track from Protected Hell things got going. Quickly this special kind of atmosphere was built up, having a lot of dynamic interactions between the crowd and the band, heating up both sides. Sound was quite… well; it was thwarting the band’s energy and power. And there was way too much smoke on stage, seeing the guys always completely disappearing. As for me as a photographer… a tragedy ;) Much more since DISBELIEF also presented its new guitar player: Alejandro Varela, playing in the foggiest corner. But he though attracted attention ;) Anyway, seems this Spanish guy perfectly suits the band, personally as well as musically. And with some better sound you even could have heard that.
DISBELIEF of course focused on the new record, with a short retrospect to Navigator and 66Sick, and two classics for the diehards :P Great show anyway. I truly had a blast. And I so hope to see them soon again.
Setlist: Hell, A Place To Hide, Sick, When Silence Is Broken, Hate/Aggression Schedule, Navigator, One Nation’s Son, Hell Goes On, Rewind It All, The Return Of Sin, Nemesis Rising, The One // Misery, To The Sky, The Dark Soundscapes

Ok, the interview took place any time after midnight. And as usual on a Saturday night, a metal disco followed the show. With good music in my ears and having a lot of fun there I decided that it is nonsense to go home now. So I had even more fun, till almost 4pm, went home and directly strolled towards my morning shift. Tight… timewise, but I was not too late…hehe. I just needed a lot of matches to hold my eyelids open. Maybe I should have tried superglue…? *yawns*


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