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2010-01-16 DE – Essen - Turock

Due to winterly weather and morning shifts I decided to leave the show in Siegen (mountains) aside. That also means that I can only attend a second show on this tour :( However, together with Wiebke and Claudia we headed to Essen and arrived way too early ;) I was totally psyched and goofy while we had beer and some nice food next door at Café Nord. Wiebke had an interview planned what made Claudia and me teasing her that it probably takes place in deepest night (so it happened to me during the show in last year’s May and so it happened to Wiebke too *lol*)
In best mood we switched the location and said hello to many friends and the guys of DISBELIEF and GORILLA MONSOON and I got finally my shirt :)
The Turock was well-filled, not so many people here as in Bremen but more than at the show in May.

:: pics ::

However, no local support :: GORILLA MONSOON :: got upon stage on time. They didn’t look so much better than in Bremen but I heard that they were partying since Ludwigsburg, so… I didn’t wonder ;) And it doesn’t do any harm to their shows. Stage is likewise big and offered space for everybody on it to go wild. 4-stringer Chris did it so wildly that he unplugged his own wires or the ones from Jack’s guitar ;) Well, Jack himself had a better voice tonight but I guess, after all this fog he will sound terrible again. The Turock sees GORILLA MONSOON for a second time; they already stopped here in 2008 together with Trouble. Mood was phenomenal as GORILLA MONSOON add a proper dose of heaviness, punch and power to the songs live on stage. To the right, to the left, whirling hair and banging heads everywhere. With all the fog it wasn’t so much fun to take photos, so the cam was quickly kicked into the next corner, joining the others moshing. And again… THEY DID NOT PLAY Extermination Hammer! *arrrrrrrgh* Hey guys, it was promised. Ok, Jack didn’t know about this *laughs* And we wanted to give him a hiding for that… hahaha.
Setlist: Law'n Order, Damage King, Death Revolution, Night Of The Wolverine, 50$ Whore, “The Dark Side” (new), Born To Lose, My Way, Codein Commander

Short break, another beer and :: LAY DOWN ROTTEN :: served another treatment of finest brutality. Sound was much better this time what made my guts vibrating when the electronic drums were kicked. Of course Jost and Uwe were fooling around again. So cute these dudes :P And I can just repeat: check out Gospel Of The Wretched!
Setlist: Intro, Gospel Of The Wretched, Where Spirits Lie Dead, Sound Of Breaking Bones, Through Purple Woods And Ashen Plains, Altering The Whore, He Who Shows Hate, Hours Of Infinity, Reconquering The Pit

Yes! Now it was about time for :: DISBELIEF :: They came, they saw, they conquered! I say DISBELIEF delivered one of their best shows ever! Agreed by many afterwards. What a fucking hell of a show! The Turock was freaking out. Didn’t see insecurities this time in Alex’ playing, and that after only 3 shows and one rehearsal prior the tour. Hats off! Though, it’s no secret that the vacant position of the second guitarist is an ongoing nuisance that thwarts the band always again. I guess everybody wishes for them to finally find the best suiting guitar player that stays. Ok, back to the show. Smoke was like pain in the ass, at least for the photographers ;) The rest just had a blast during the show. Setlists were the same, so no surprises here and same ritual when Rewind It All was played. Crowd was vehemently demanding an encore, which promptly was granted again ;) Show way too fast over, as for me they just could have started again ;)
Setlist: Intro, To The Sky, Ethnic Instinct, When Silence Is Broken, Hell Goes On, One Nation’s Son, Nemesis Rising, The Return Of Sin, Sick, Hate/Aggression Schedule, Intro (Hell), A Place To Hide, Room 309, Navigator, Rewind It All (Death Or Glory) // No Control, Misery

As usual on a Saturday night, the metal disco followed. Wiebke got finally her interview, enjoying ourselves and having some fun afterwards. About 1.30am we left towards Muenster… and got stuck in snow on the highway! Gosh darn it! I still had some plans for this night… Never mind, it already was such a great evening! Too bad that this second show was already the last for me :( Actually I could have them once a day…


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