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Chris Magerl

2009-10-04 AT – Graz - PPC/Bar

A few months ago, the Swedish cover band HELLSONGS were guests in Graz and this time the sympathetic Swedish trio chose the same location, namely the PPC Bar to present their Lounge Metal. The evening was opened by local singer/songwriter CHRIS MAGERL, maybe known concerning his former band Once Tasted Life.

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CHRIS MAGERL – unfortunately quite unspectacular!

First and foremost, it happened again: the show started much too late, this time over 70 minutes…consequently, the singer/songwriter :: CHRIS MAGERL :: entered the stage with his support band (drums, bass & keyboard) at 9:10 pm. The presentation seemed to be very retentive; the musicians had to concentrate a lot on their instruments. So the artists showed up quite inhibited and I could not feel enormous joy in playing; besides, the band did not act out expressively on the small stage. The music tried to build some emotional suspenseful arcs, but some songs lacked of details. Sometimes the compositions ended quite surprising way too early. A cover version (Pet Sematary by The Ramones) showed the crux in arrangements of CHRIS MAGERL – remarkable hook-lines and refrains were missing. Mentioned track was a turning point for CHRIS and in further course, he and his band integrated more Rock’n’Roll spirit to their performance. A few bi-vocal arrangements and bass lines were remarkable. In all, the acting stayed quite sallow, because the concentration had a negative effect on the heart-blood of a live gig.

HELLSONGS – we say LOUNGE – and you say METAL!

In contrast, the mood was very convenient during the :: HELLSONGS :: concert. The musicians disperse an extreme sympathy, first of all singer Siri and “Mr. Happy” guitarist Kalle. They managed to entertain the public from the first second on. Partly, the communication took place without microphone and this instance showed the wonderful sonorous voice of the artist. Siri attracted with her extravagant outfit as well as her expressive dancing style. Her vocal range covers all nuances from fragile up to powerful. Besides, keyboarder Johan made me smile with his funny gestures.
The cover songs were a downright indulgence, no matter if Ozzy, Slayer or Iron Maiden got a tribute. My goose-pimps swelled up heftily during The Evil That Men Do or We’re Not Gonna Take It (with moving introducing words by Mr. Karlsson), Seasons In The Abyss and Seek And Destroy. The show on stage resembled to the one a few months ago, but this slight negative instance is swept away by the huge sympathetic impression. Over and above, the audience’s singing quality was tested with surprising success :) After the concert, it was very nice to see that the band showed up at the merchandise stand for talking to the fans or signing CDs. That’s what I call a wonderful evening full of Metal classics!


story Stormlord • pics ©  Julia