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Jordan Reyne • Simon Hardeman

2012-03-17 GB – London - The Slaughtered Lamb

Over 11 years now me and the mag accompany New Zealand’s most exceptional musician and award nominee JORDAN REYNE. It was her sophomore The Ironman that got me under her spell and never released me since then. Her music, her voice is truly unique, mesmerizing and very intensive. JORDAN REYNE gets under your skin! Having lived in Germany for quite some time I never made it to one of her rare shows or just to hook up with her. Now I got the chance to catch JORDAN REYNE in her new hometown London :)

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Sounds very much like a spontaneous trip to my favorite metropolis, which is truly going nuts these days in preparation for the Olympic Games. You know, more than usual. This city drives you mad I tell you *laughs*. However, it’s also my first stint at The Slaughtered Lamb a lovely pub venue in the heart of London with a downstairs room where concerts take place, a comfy one with carpeted floor, chairs and sofas armed with pillows, all in a furry safari-look. Nice variety of beverage, food and live music. If you are around next time, don’t miss to visit. Meanwhile it took some time for the show to get going; announced time anyway was much overrun…

Eventually London’s own singer/songwriter :: SIMON HARDEMAN :: also known as journalist and stand-up comedian, got in full swing and opened his set and thus the live part. A man and his guitar, plus some effects, presenting songs from his debut Tell The Truth. Every now and then I can hear Johnny Cash shining through his songs. There is no stage, only a free corner, which is okay for a one-man-performance with the PA on the bar delivering a surprisingly good and balanced sound. As for SIMON HARDEMAN I have to admit that I liked his stuff more when listening to it afterwards on his website. On CD he uses more instruments and sounds, while his live performance was sort of hectic and one-dimensional.

I wasn’t that much engaged as I was only looking forward to my very first :: JORDAN REYNE :: show. Time has come. Finally. And now we got a woman and her guitar. Plus effects and loop machines. To let the sound man have an easier access Jordan got in with the title track of her debut album Bird Of Prey, going through most of her other records afterwards yet focusing on the brand new one entitled Children Of A Factory Nation. It’s fairly impressive to see that petite woman with her guitar, effects and samples creating one layer after another for a very dense sound, even layering her singing without any fail. Her voice is powerful, sometimes husky, sometimes high, clear and whispering, she is just brilliant at this. JORDAN REYNE plays and performs with an incredible heart and soul feeling, dedication and deep passion. She’s like a psychic, brimming, pouring out songs, dark and of a haunting beauty. I’m stunned, spellbound, and pause sitting to Jordan’s feet, while gooseflesh and shivers run up and down. It’s just… incredibly amazing. If you never have heard a tune of hers… you know… whether by hook or crook, you MUST give her a listen ;) The music of JORDAN REYNE is not easily to describe. Let me try it with Celtic Industrial Folk. If that is something you are into than goddammit check her out and support her! She truly deserves it!
Setlist: Birds Of Prey, The Arsonist, Johnny & The Sea, Sister Falling, Factory Nation, A Woman Scorned, Don’t Look Down, Proximity Of Death, The Washing Machine Song

Last but not least it’s up to :: DAS FLÜFF :: to put a finishing touches to this marvelous evening. I most recently learnt about this London based trio via Jordan Reyne. It’s even more difficult to describe DAS FLÜFF. Electro Punk, Cyber Punk, Electro Sleaze Pop… I don’t know. Watch the video to current single Happy People to get an impression. With this track DAS FLÜFF kicked off getting almost in trouble because of the narrow space left. Singer Dawn Lintern is like a vamp, a cat of prey, attracting everybody’s attention when she lasciviously moved up and down the micro. Her voice is pure sin, a mélange of Siouxsie Sioux and Alison Goldfrapp, deep, raspy, sexy and wicked. With her men Alessandro Alexira Aiello (synth) and Steve May (guitar) she performs tracks from the band’s debut Would You Die For Me (and I’m sure some males would have screamed yes if seriously asked) and new songs. Musically DAS FLÜFF blends in many sounds and styles, with a more or less amount of driving energy and power. No drawers, no rules. Only little thing to quibble are maybe Dawns too often used special singing patterns. Never mind, this also was an unbelievable show!
Setlist: Happy People, Rage, Hey You, Plaything, Free Falling, Clean Up & Start Again, The Bom Bom Song, Nev z Much, 100%

Far after midnight this event finds its end. Yes, it was worth the trip and London’s madness ;) And the next JORDAN REYNE show in a reachable distance will be mine too again ;)


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