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2017-08-24 AT – Spital am Semmering





Senntus - Crossing Edge - Vital Remains - Ragnarok - Benighted - Infest - Deja Vu - 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses - Adamon - Nemesis My Enemy

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15:30 16:00 - NEMESIS MY ENEMY - Let’s start the rumble in the mountains with classic Death/Thrash! The Immortal-shirt of the singer promises good time and the opening succeeds accordingly with a lot of good mood. For me, the bassist’s tattooed receding hairlines are an eye-catcher :-) A calm number in between increases the dynamics additionally – this is a well done prelude!

16:20 16:50 - ADAMON - "The beauty and the beast" or female vocals hit growls - an almost deadly genre has a place at the Kaltenbach: melodic Black Metal with Nordic melodies, presented with good sound, but the timing is not always 100% right. I like the continuous growled title song of the new album, The End Of Time, which could be something like a small hit for the band.

17:10 17:50 - 5 STABBED 4 CORPSES - Using the terms "Grindcore" and "sense" in one sentence is actually a no-go, because this music should be fun and entertainment. The singer sounds like a cross between rabid elk and fake frog - or does anyone strangle Dani Filth? No matter, the crowd dances, the band has fun at their estimated 54 songs in 30 minutes!

18:10 18:50 - DEJA VU - Melodic hard rock is rarely heard on the mountain, and with this exotic music, the gentlemen fell out of the frame: steaming guitars that celebrate two-layered Maiden-like harmonies, a grinning singer and some cool refrains guarantee a lot of good humor.

19:10 19:50 - INFEST - The mood changes when the uncompromising Serbs unleash their harsh version of Death Metal; the heart's blood is splashing; the boys breathe the metal spirit and reaffirm this attitude with their hearty announcements. The group sounds like Sepultura in their early days. Whenever the foot is taken from the accelerator pedal, the songs start to light up, because the material for the "brothers and sisters" in the audience is often too fast for banging the heads.

20:10 21:10 - BENIGHTED - Oha, the fast-paced drummer nails everything to the ground, enormous speed, complex rhythms and neck-hurting breaks are like the simplest in the world. With the interspersed samples, I wonder whether they support the build-up of moods or dampen them. In any case, some in the mosh-pit are certainly grateful for breathers. Lightning-clean blasts alternate with abrasive elements and leave a lot of happy faces and painful neck muscles.

21:30 22:30 - RAGNAROK - The "Crowbar of Black Metal" then made the forest and meadows stage tremble. But not only the body's fill of the musicians, but also the Black'n'Roll influences contribute to this fact. The striking appearance with turned-over crosses and corpse-paint is reflected in the music only to a limited extent, because here, fine guitar harmonies constantly flash through and the band does not just focus on mere blast attacks. The stage lighting is completely matched to the dark atmosphere for a while, which the singer acknowledges only with a lapidary "and then came darkness", while the horde further rages in unimpressed manner.

23:00 00:10 - VITAL REMAINS - At the autograph hour, the Amis are quite nice and handsome, but on the stage the jokes have ended - the Bible is burned and there is no good hair attached to religion or church. Precisely, the band rages against God and the world, in between there is a flaming speech that one would remain Forever Underground, with the fans being thanked for 28 years of loyalty. Filigree, technically and playfully, the musicians celebrate their odes to the downfall in a totally evil but sympathetic way. Deathly brave, singer Brian plunges into the already manageable crowd as a stage-diver. This is what I call a worthy headliner!


story © Leo & pics © Julia