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2017-08-25 AT – Spital am Semmering





Dismal Lumentis - Vinegar Hill - Cryptopsy - Necrophobic - Rotten Sound - Voltumna - Contaminant - Anthem - Svarta - Proll Guns - Nocturne - Catastrofear

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12:30 13:00 - CATASTROFEAR - Can a sunny day start better than with brutal and melodic Death Metal? Rhythmically and rattling, the group presents us their pieces, which taste like a well-hung, medium-fried steak, garnished with spicy guitar sauces, erm -solos :-) The shirts of the musicians (Master/Sepultura/Motörhead) indicate the thrust direction and so a very good start is the consequence!

13:20 13:50 - NOCTURNE - Finest Black Metal in the early afternoon also works in the blazing sun: strengthened with Irdorath musicians and Hellsaw's well-known guitarist Isiul, variable dark music delights the soul. Two-piece guitars and a pleasantly varied voice sum up for good mood. Unfortunately, the guys focus too much on fast material and hymnal songs of the brand Udinbak or Ama Lilith remain on the track, but with a short playing time this happens... It is still exciting - a fan bangs sitting in front of the stage on dusty ground at 30 degrees, respect for this!

14:10 14:40 - PROLL GUNS - Western Metal puts us to the bar in a saloon; two ladies as dancers - they could have come directly from a Lucky Luke comic - underline the atmosphere during the first songs with contortions... hm, not my cup of coffee - but it benefits to the good sentiment.

15:00 15:30 - SVARTA - Atmospheric black metal, enriched with wonderfully natural acoustic parts and a cutting voice, which touches me deep inside, dominates the next half hour of the program. Like the uniform stage outfit (skin-colored, mauled-torn shirts tainted with blood and dirt), the music looks as if from a single cast, the rocking influences loosen the depressive basic mood and so the listener oscillates between despair and the urge to raise the fists to the sky.

15:50 16:30 - ANTHEM - Uncompromisingly blasting, chaotic and only very sparingly influenced by melodies, the Polish deathers beat their attacks into the crowd. The stubbornly monotonous songs seem to have little appeal to the audience, because the ranks decrease noticeably.

16:50 17:30 - CONTAMINANT - "Kaltenbach, I cannot hear you, where are you" is the singer's question at the beginning, because the shatteringly meager crowd is not very motivating for the band, which is placed between all chairs by its frayed, indefinable style. Mix-Metal with modern influences, quite distorted and in no case immediately igniting - for a festival probably too complicated. Leading by rush? - a clear yeno!

17:50 18:40 - VOLTUMNA - Then comes a walloping surprise: theatrical Death/Black Metal from Italy, presented in a damn cool look (ragged cloaks, as if one had just sprung from the medieval gutter), with screaming voice, crystal clear guitars and a clear red thread in spite of complexity and symphonic background – who could ask for more? And if their own compositions were not already strong enough, Venoms Black Metal is still a special treat in a furious manner!

19:00 19:50 - ROTTEN SOUND - The grindy deathers act in a totally different way: aggressively, but sympathetically, everything is chopped short and small during the focused songs (or should I call them better eruptions?). Without sleazy, the sickos pound a lot of songs into the mountain landscape, probably as many songs as all the other bands on this day together :-) Fast-as-an-arrow or hard-moving, the mosh-pit does not care about the tempo!

21:30 22:30 - NECROPHOBIC - Then comes the main act, if we look at the number of listeners - and the Swedes arouse a fire of enthusiasm, with furious pieces that must have been forged directly in the depths of hell; garnished with heavenly guitar melodies, direct hits like Darkside or Revelation 666 do not miss their pitch-black suction effect. The ancient tune Slow Asphyxiation is developing into the most effective hit and quickly it becomes clear that the Swedish bastards belong to the great scavengers this evening! The poses and rivet belts sit as if cast, the twin-guitars are awesome and let the devilish heart of the metal fan beat faster. For those who stayed satanic!

23:00 00:10 - CRYPTOPSY - The slapping compositions seem to work like a musical Sudoku: as an untrained person, you face a virtually insoluble puzzle, but after some song tasks, the previously despairing still comes to conclusive results. The independent band without a record label in the back fires incredibly precise projectiles, especially drum monster Flo Mounier, who delivers an incredible performance. The sympathetic singer Matt is awarded the prize for the most violent circle head-banging of the festival. Damn it, the Canadians pound all the songs of None So Vile into the night with very loud sound: although the rows have cleared, the 50 minutes for the rest still mean "good friendly violent fun" before the performance comes to an end 2 Minutes To Midnight. Our batteries are empty, sorry to VINEGAR HILL and DISMAL LUMENTIS...


story © Leo & pics © Julia