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2010-04-03 DE – Bochum - Zeche

After a three years lasting silence KATATIONA have finally a new record out and are now on tour to bring the new tunes to fans throughout Europe. Sharing stage will Finland’s finest SWALLOW THE SUN and Muenster-based, Germany, outstanding instrumental act LONG DISTANCE CALLING. Seems like this high-class trek becomes one of the darkest and most emotional packages ever. Besides, KATATONIA’s singer Jonas Renkse has contributed vocals to both bands but all hopes to see one of these duets ended up in smoke quickly. However, those who have missed one of these shows… your fault!

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Warned by the adverse circumstances one week ago (Warrior Soul) we arrived overly punctual at Zeche Bochum. Doors opened 5 minutes to early, which was ok, but… contrary of all announced times LONG DISTANCE CALLING kicked off 30 minutes too early. That’s such an effrontery! I guess, many people missed LDC this way…

Another thing I’d like to point out explicitly, since we have here the same venue, same day, same booking agency and same local organizer. Warrior Soul one week ago on a Saturday: no tour promotion or even flyers, confused tour line-up (with the KATATONIA especially) tickets for 22 Euros (without dues), 2 bands, same times (6:30pm doors/7pm show), opened and started too late, curfew 10pm, approx. 250 people. KATATONIA: lacking promotion, tickets just 17 Euro (without dues), 3 bands, same times, opened and started too early, curfew 10pm, approx. 900 people. If they would have done anything worth the term promotion and worth the money they get for their jobs I think the Warrior Soul would have been attended much better. And we talk about renowned companies…

Ok, back to the New Night Over Europe Tour and :: LONG DISTANCE CALLING :: who opened way too early and caused some bustle. Though, a lot of fans were already inside, also the families of the band members, to whom bass-player Jan dedicated the last song Metulsky Curse Revisited with the words: “for the parents of these inexpressibly ugly guys here on stage” *lol* Ok. Sound was fantastic, almost brilliant and every of these complex layers in music to hear out. What a pleasure to listen to! While Dave was totally immersed in his guitar playing, Jan and guitarist Flo performed much lively and created pretty much of a contrast. The response by the audience was amazing. Once again a stunning show but way too short.
Setlist: Black Paper Planes, I Know You, Stanley Milgram, Fire In The Mountain, Metulsky Curse Revisited

Around the officially announced time already :: SWALLOW THE SUN :: got onto stage and kicked off with the opening duo of the new album New Moon. Singer Mikko again seemed to be far away and beyond of all existing worlds and sung deeply immersed, while the rest of the band rocked out powerfully. SWALLOW THE SUN of course focused on the new record, and although it is anything but quiet and the Finns were the heaviest band of the evening I missed something special, a certain asskicking factor. Maybe the guys are just tired. That’s the last days of an one month lasting tour and in two days they seamlessly jump on another one month lasting US ride (with Finntroll, Moonsorrow). However, good show, but I already have experienced better ones ;)
Setlist: These Woods Breathe Evil, Falling World, These Hours Of Despair, Sleepless Swans, Don't Fall Asleep, Plague Of Butterflies, New Moon, Swallow

Before is was up to :: KATATONIA :: to enter the stage the Zeche got very crowded. Sold out I’d say. After many years of absence the Swedes got frenetically welcomed. Besides, everybody was curious who would share stages with Jonas, Anders and Daniel after the Norrman bros Fredrik and Mattias left at the end of last year. On guitar we have Per „Sodomizer“ Eriksson (also in Bloodbath - and notice the pic of his amp ;)) and Niklas Sandin on bass (formerly in Siebenbürgen). KATATONIA started with some unbalanced sounds and singing but then downright celebrated the half of its new album Night Is The New Day, garnished with tracks from both predecessors The Great Cold Distance and Viva Emptiness, plus the classic Saw You Drown homonymous EP released back in 1998. The audiences was stoked and psyched and all excited. Jonas tried to hide behind his mic and mane, as usual, but also rocked out a little, was headbanging and made some announcements. Crowd was truly adoring the band and singing along (except for the new songs maybe). Seems like KATATONIA picked up a really good day.
I actually wanted to attend the third show of this tour in Cologne and go to another one tonight. Luckily I did not and got a fantastic show instead. Only the lights did not deserve ist term.
Setlist: Forsaker, Liberation, My Twin, Onward Into Battle, Complicity, The Longest Year, Omerta, Teargas, Saw You Drown, Idle Blood, Ghost Of The Sun, Evidence, July, The Day & Then The Shade // Dispossesion, Leaders

Great shows and a wonderful evening. So far. Clock stroke 10 and the horror begun. As it happened one week ago at ten doors opened for an endless horde of under-aged teens that started to brawl to horrible music and tried to get drunk till they got kicked out again at midnight. Our sort - me & Wiebke – adjourned to the teen-free bar and had a nice chat with the SWALLOW THE SUN guys trying out some strange long drinks… ;)


story & pics © Dajana