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2011-04-16 DE – Bochum - Zeche

Hmmmm… isn’t the easiest thing to recap wonderful and amazing moments of a great show when even a crazier one followed the next day and melodies still run through my brain ;)
That of course does not reduce any grain of the show KINGS-X delivered that night. It was truly breathtaking! And that I have seen these legendary Prog rockers for the very first time now, after an over 30 years spanning career, is truly a shame! However, I’d even start to pray to make sure and hope to see KINGS-X once again in this life ;)

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Before I get into show details I had to run through the usual procedure and here I definitely have to nag about something! Every men get upset at a woman's speech, when she says “no” and means “yes”. So. Dear organizers… you ain’t any better! When there are announced doors to open at 6 pm then it means 6pm, not 5 pm and not 7 pm. As for that the bistro got opened too and could calm down with these super delicious paninis ;)

Ok, inside, the clock strike 7 and lights were turned out. :: KLONE :: enter the stage and kick off the evening with the opener Rite Of Passage, taken from their new album Black Days. But they do so in front of a frighteningly empty hall. Luckily, people were just outside in the beergarden and with every new song these French gents got them in. One after another. Half of the set and the hall was well-filled ;) And I have to say, KLONE just blow up my mind. What a fkg great band! How could I leave them so unattended? Such a shame. Brutal sound, guitar walls built up destroying everything with such groove and a rough but charming singing. Likewise experimental as well as progressive elements distinguish KLONE’s music. I really dig the saxophone that adds such a special note. It’s again that a French band offers these special vibes and atmosphere. Let’s me melt. Just to die for ;) Did I already mention that I love these kind of French bands? *laughs* Truly amazing!
Setlist: Rite Of Passage, Promises, Rain Bird, Empire Of Shame, Immaculatre Desire, Interlude, The Spell Is Cast, Give Up The Rest

Short break and scrambles within the first rows. Anticipations are high bursting into frenetic applause when :: KINGS-X :: let the Groove Machine roll through the crowd. I really didn’t know that KINGS-X are so popular. They got so adored, worshipped, cheered and celebrated… unbelievable. If we would not have already stood by nature KINGS-X would have played for a standing-ovations-audience, for 2 hrs. ;)
And it seems KINGS-X love their fans too ;) Setlist was thrilling; well-chosen, they even played a song from the 1988 debut Out Of The Silent Planet. I mean they could have done it the easy way and just played the set from their most recent record Live Love In London. But they did not.
As already mentioned, the history already spans more than 30 years, the band is legendary but never turned out to be a commercial mega seller. Old they became, but you would not believe how old when you see them performing live. Mr. Doug Pinnick has seen 60 springs but owns a charisma that leaves you weak in the knees. Drummer Jerry Gaskill still plays like a berserk and I was wondering when his skins get slashed. Woohoo. Breathtaking I tell you. I mean I knew that the band’s music is unique but I would not have expected such stirring live show. Also Ty Tabor gets much adored, makes fans freakin‘ out when he starts playing his solos. KINGS-X unleash wave of excitements. They play with such delight, jam blindly with pure precision, offering us a 2 hrs lasting show of brilliant musicianship that is one-of-a-kind in the scene.
As for the encores KINGS-X and actually don’t have to do anything. The audience is singing; the band just plays hints to keep up the harmonies. Gooseflesh causing atmosphere. Killer show! AND… I definitely would love to see them again!
Setlist: Groove Machine, The Train, What Is This?, Complain, Black Flag, Alright, In The New Age, Pillow, Pray, Dogman, Go Tell Somebody, Summerland, We Were Born To Be Loved // Goldilox, Over My Head, Visions


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