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2006-10-16 DE – Essen - Zeche Carl

You can really call it a strange package the organizer got together this Sunday. Finnish shooting stars KORPIKLAANI are on parade to conquer Europe and for the support slot in Essen, Germany DRONE got added. These four cats from Celle play a mix of Thrash and Metalcore, what doesn’t seem to suit to the main band at all. But such constellations one might reckon always again at Zeche Carl. I remember the Arcturus package with Kill The Thrill one year ago… (hey, both bands were just awesome! – Dajana)
However, the hut was crowded right from the beginning, not sold out so far, but there wasn’t much room left. Even the gallery was completely taken.

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:: DRONE :: is a band none of us had heard of before. They kicked off on time and made clear that the crowd was not only here for the headliner. Right from the beginning moshpits were created and caused much action in front of the stage, the band visibly enjoyed. Strongly Slayer-influenced Thrash elements got blend with modern metalcore stuff. There were parts in every song I really liked but screwing down the pace always again bothered me sometimes. As for me it was a bit too modern and I admit I’m not as flexible in these things as other ones might be. Anyway, most people obviously did not agree with me and celebrated the band with every song. With In The End DRONE played a surprisingly quiet song, almost a ballad, dedicate to the mates above (um… don’t go metallers downwards?). Between the songs singer Moritz emerged as a solo entertainer, with various innuendo at the Finns, talking rubbish and instigating the “who jumps first from the gallery” contest. The promised reward of one beer first, rose to 3 ones at the end ;) But if I’m right, none could be motivated enough ;) After around 45 minutes it was time to quit. Some die-hard folk metal fans couldn’t entirely identify with what they got served (incl. myself) but I have to confess that DRONE did a good job and I’m sure, with the first full-length soon to be released we will heard much more of this band.
Setlist: High Octane, Stampmark, Carnophile, Chainsaw Symphony, In The End, Theopractical, Intimidation, One In A Million, Welcome To The Pit

Time has come to salute :: KORPIKLAANI ::. After a short change-over light got dimmed and the intro already caused overwhelming enthusiasm. The six Finns entered the stage and outright got into their show. What followed the next 80 minutes words like “awesome”, “outstanding”, “amazing”, “great”… etc. don’t describe it adequate. I rarely have seen a band that had so much fun on stage to play. First of all singer and guitarist Jonne and his guitar mate Cane danced, jumped and made fun. World champions in it, ya know ;) Less wild Juho on accordion and Hittavainen with his violin acted. Ok, they needed to care for their instruments and cables, so they stayed put, but still moving though. For that at least Juho was brilliant at pirouettes. Only bassist Jarkko was really restraining with movements but with a smile on his face. Well, you don’t need to be a jumpin’ jack to have fun I’d say. Played songs reflected the entire discography and made the fans freakin’ out. There was none standing still. No breather for the band and the crowds, always full throttle. Although all songs were great, running into your legs and wreck your neck, there were two highlights to point out: first Väkirauta, where Hittavainen changed the violin against an Estonian version of a bagpipe and could play himself into the foreground and of course the legendary band hymn Beer Beer at the end of the regular set. In between a brand new song entitled Let’s Drink (Ola! Did you expect any other title? *g*) got presented too. And of course KORPIKLAANI proved that the song titles were not chosen without reason, poured own Finnish brew down the throat and shared it with the first row. It was clear that KORPIKLAANI didn’t get any chance to buzz off. Vociferous calls for encore brought them back for two more songs. But then they definitely finished after almost one and a half hour. As for me, they could have played the doubled time. So the show was over quite early, at 11pm to be exactly. That was an outstanding show with an exemplary delight in playing! Great to see that this band is still well-grounded, despite of all the success they have. Quite the contrary, these Finish lads are exceptionally likeable, making them leaving with many bows, thanks and autographs. Just great!
Setlist: Happy Little Boozer, Journey Man, Väkirauta, Korpiklaani, Tulikokko, Cottages And Saunas, Rise, Let’s Drink, Wooden Pints, Pellonpekko, Hunting Song, Juokse Sinä Humma, Midsummer Night, Beer Beer

Upshot: We had an almighty fun! Really! I tell ya. If there is still a show scheduled near your town, be there! That’s all I can recommend. A couple of gigs of the current tour are still left.
On the way back home we passed midnight, so I was the first one to congratulate Madame Dajana on her birthday. If I’m right it was a 29th… *g*


story © Seb • pics © Dajana