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2001-06-30 DE Clarholz - Musikkneipe Muck
I actually had been set off to finally see GREED live. At this opportunity I had to do a live review about this local Hardcore event, to support the underground. But... of course, things turned out differently...
As to read above, this happening is going under the motto Local Bands On Stage. But, because this kind of organizations are always going chaotic by nature and both US bands got their shows cancelled; the whole event was quickly rearranged and now it started as an international thing on stage *lol*. So, trudged off into the deepest Muensterland and jumped into fun. This music pub Muk emerged as an extended barn with a really small and very, very shaky stage, but a location to feel well there...

Little belated :: SPUTUM :: kicked off the evening and started with refreshing and cheerful Punk Rock that it was a real treat directly from the beginning. The local village youth immediately started to mosh, seeing the first injured person after 15 minutes. SPUTUM was founded back in ’97. They already released demo tapes, a CD is in process. Let's see what the future brings.
Setlist: Schandtat, Verlorene Situation, Diesmal ohne Claudia, Wesley Pe, Verfallsdatum, Schöner Wohnen, Entwicklungshilfe, Dr. No, Sputum

:: CHEERLEADERS OF THE APOCALYPSE :: from Muenster/Warendorf surprised with 2 singers, but without their second guitarist, who had to work (Saturday night? – must be a similar poor bastard like me). Significantly influenced by Soilent Greene and Moerser they treated us violently with their material. Noise which made a lot of fun! The mates are around since 1998, having two demo tapes under their belt. And, to mention that here, the guys are true vinyl lovers, so you canget their stuff on vinyl too.

With the fucking great debut CD Fractured (check out the review) up the sleeve and a few new tracks, soon to be unleashed on EP, :: GREED :: got onto stage in front of 100 peoples. The lads already acquired an own fan community, most people only were there to see GREED. They took no prisoners and brutally got in with Fractured. The mates played there asses off, much pleasing the audience. GREED kick live so fucking ass! Enthusiastic headbangers will have to take a few days to get their necks in the shape again. Musically you have to expect a hot cocktail of Fear Factory, Machinehead, Pantera and Pro Pain. Mentionable is still the cover version of Prodigy’s Breathe. Killer.
Setlist: Fractured, Scars Deep Within, Abuse Me, Know This, Shockwaves, In My Dreams I’m God, Breathe, Perfectly Wrong, Going Sane, Greed // Post/Human

As I already mentioned above, it was pure coincidence, that these US bands honored us here. Both bands are at the moment on club tour in Europe (independent of each other) and were supposed to play shows in Bielefeld, which got cancelled. Anyways, how often US Hardcore bands get lost in this area? Well, :: 4 IN THA CHAMBER :: served us the typical East Coast Hardcore and got not tired to mentioned that they are really from New York, wow, really. Unfortunately, the audience wasn’t in that mosh and jump-mood like the dudes on stage. All efforts to whip the crowd up were missed. Only the members of 100 Demons and the crews were showed respect - admittedly pretty weird, it remembered me a bit on Break Dance stuff. Most tracks they played were from their second release Existence...
Setlist: Mom, Footsteps, Hated At Home, Day By Day, Existence, Just Lige, Evils Of Man, Strenght

Before the weightily guys :: 100 DEMONS :: entered the stage, which was extremely shaky in the meantime, they completely changed the equipment. These mate liked it obviously more to play their own stuff. Musically you could describe the band with Biohazard goes Hatebreed. Also here, we got it gross and brutal on our ears. They didn’t take any prisoner as well. They presented their debut album In The Eyes Of The Lord. Bass player Steve was in extremely great form. There was no holding him. He jumped, moshed and ran on stage and among the crowds like the devil himself.
Setlist: Forsaken, Hardluck, Suffer, Bruce’s New, Infected, New Moose, Regret, Hard Surprise, So Alone // Wake Up, Nothing, Backlash

Upshot: First I have to confess, except GREED I never heard anything of the other bands before and I’m not really into Hardcore. But it was a cool happening and I enjoyed it a lot. Noise was announced and noise was what we got, in different variations. The sound was great, except some problems with micros, and all bands went down very well. And guess what… the stage did not break. Really strange was the fact... all guys on stage, independent of what they were wearing else, they wore WHITE! Socks!!! Huuuh how evil... indeed, hahahaha. Two moronic skins deigned to freak out, but they got kept on a short lead.

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