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2012-10-02 DE – Oberhausen - Schacht1

The Devil's Asylum Tour MMXII

SECRETS OF THE MOON often make themselves scarce in band-related things. If they are on the road, then mostly during short and exclusive tours. Also the autumn intermezzo only stops at 10 venues. But, what was more interesting this time, was the fact that BETHLEHEM surprisingly appeared on the tour billing. First reactions were like: “What? They still exist?” and “What the hell are they doing on this tour?”. That is a good question… Especially as this was a co-headlining tour. At the end, BETHLEHEM was even the headliner of the entire tour. Strange… isn’t it? Anyway, DORDEDUH is part of the trek too and those, together with SECRETS OF THE MOON is a compelling reason to move my butt to Oberhausen.

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But that was easier said then done. This Tuesday is the eve of a public day what usually turns Germany into a state of war. I absolutely have no idea what people expect to happen during only one public day with closed shops… However, Muenster was so fucking crowded and packed with hoarding purchasers that one could not make any millimeter back and forth. And it did not get any better on the highways as it was raining cats and dogs then. It was worse than at the beginning of summer vacations. And to top it all, there was a great battle day in Oberhausen at CentrO and/or a soccer match, both nearby the Schacht1 so that we got caught in a traffic already on the exit for a half hour. To cut this story short: we missed both local support bands, no one knew about till a few days before the show and who they actually were…

Okay, let’s take a deep breath and start with :: DORDEDUH :: The Romanian band around Sol Faur and Hupogrammos formerly of Negura Bunget, needed an unpleasantly tough time for their equipment and line-check. After the show I got told that the PA was way too small to handle the duties of all instruments and needed to be changed. Finally it was done and DORDEDUH started to mesmerize the crowd with under the skin creeping, intensive, dense and complex Black Metal with atmospheric soundscapes underlaid and many traditional instruments. All songs came from their just released debut album Dar De Duh, I can highly recommend. Music to let loose and enjoy with closed eyes, as long as the technique plays along… I guess DORDEDUH already had better conditions and better shows *sighs* Okay, have to see them again ;) And now I have to get this CD…
Setlist: Dojana, Zuh, Pândarul, Cumpat, E-an-na, Jind de Tronuri, Flacararii

:: SECRETS OF THE MOON :: needed less time and quickly the intro thundered out of the speakers getting in with Blood Into Wine from the new album Seven Bells. It is the first show I see with new bass player Naamah Ash, who also contributes backing vocals that set interesting accents. For Lucifer Speaks Bethlehem singer Rogier Droog enters the stage for guest vocals, insignificant but a nice gesture. I don’t know, but I have seen more intensive and captivating SECRETS OF THE MOON shows. It is as if the spark denies flying. Sound is modest and lights are the lowest of the low and turn the photographers work into pain. Hmm, I guess also SECRETS OF THE MOON have experienced better shows.
Setlist: Intro, Blood Into Wine, Seraphim Is Dead, Serpent Messiah, Nemesis/Miasma, Lucifer Speaks, Nyx, Shepherd, The Three Beggars

Same at :: BETHLEHEM :: the band no one had on the billing. No new releases either. I did not expect anything. There last releases date back such a long time that I almost can’t remember. I lost sight of the band after Schatten aus der Alexanderwelt. Fans however did not forget the band and their songs. Now it was really packed in front of stage and the fans enthused. Funny enough, BETHLEHEM only played old material from the first four records Dark Metal, Dictus Te Necare, S.U.I.Z.I.D. and already mentioned Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt. Mr. Droog is the perfect crazy and manic frontman and pulls out all the stops from gross and sick singing up to rolling eyes. There is much of a similarity to Peter Tägtgren, mostly when it comes to the circles around his eyes. Me, I and myself got somehow tired of the show and waited in the vestibule. There I was once again shaking the head about some dubious CDs at the local merchandiser. Why does no one has an eye on this Nazi shit? My information that this was the same merchandiser as at the Ahab show (where also Nazi shit was sold) was wrong as the organizer complained about it (Stage Secret Management) and refuses to see its events politicized in any way.
Setlist: The 11th Commandment, Vargtimmen, Durch Befleckte Berührung Meiner Nemesis, Aphel - Die Schwarze Schlange, Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt, Gestern Starb Ich Schon Heute, Verheißung - Du Krone Des Todeskultes, Maschinensohn, Tote Weisse Marder, Du Sollst Dich Töten, Tagebuch Einer Totgeburt


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