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2013-09-19 DE – Cologne - Werkstatt

And here I stand like a naïve (or just to follow the running gag… like a clueless squirrel? ;)) I knew that THE EDEN HOUSE exists but never dealt with them. Bad for me as this evening was almost a revelation musically. What a great band! That I indeed broadened my horizon I owe JORDAN REYNE, my favorite singer/songwriter from New Zealand, who is currently part of the live line-up and also contributed vocals to several songs on the band’s new album Half Life (a masterpiece as I can say with hindsight).

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There have been only 2 shows in Germany, one in Cologne and one in Frankfurt. Only first one was possible for me to attent. And so I did and struggled through the traffic jams in order to reach the Werkstatt. I was late but managed to enter on time when :: JORDAN REYNE :: was about to jump on stage for her solo support slot. Unfortunately only a few dozen people made it to the show but those welcomed her warmly and Jordan scored with her German announcements. JORDAN REYNE played songs from her latest releases and a brand new one, written just one week ago (Dishonour Among Thieves). I love JORDAN REYNE and her music, it always causes gooseflesh and her 20 minutes set was way too short, of course. But it was great to witness how the crowd received and fell for her. I have seen quite a few people who directly went to the merch after show, to buy everything she had to offer and to get it signed. Awesome!
Setlist: A Women Scorned, The Proximity Of Death (Blue Eyed Boy), Dishonour Among Thieves, XXX, Factory Nation

Next up is :: REPTYLE :: and damn… what a long time ago. It was in 2004 as support of Funhouse (legendary show)? Nope, 2006, at Burgnächte Roßlau. I have to admit, after the release of the band’s sophomore Consequences in 2007 I lost sight of them. And it seems it did not happen that much in the REPTYLE camp since then. There was a vinyl EP, Corruption, released in 2011, that’s all. But the guys are busily working on a new album, to be released in spring 2014 and tentatively titled Night & The River. Most of the songs they played tonight will find its way on that new album. Musically nothing has changed either. REPTYLE still play classic Goth Rock, rather gruffy than sweet. Singer Zulu also did not forget his big gestures. With his new look he somehow reminded me of legendary Jim Morrison. His singing is still kinda off-key, much throaty, neither growled, shouted, barked nor clean sung. Something in between and his singing was too dominant in the foreground. I guess he scared the people away for a cigarette.
Setlist: Requiem, Argentine, Paula, Just Another Message, Night & The River, Tomorrow, Age Of Love, Heroes Of The Walking Dead, Into Her Desert

Around 10pm it was up to :: THE EDEN HOUSE :: and finally all people came in, filling up the venue passably. Of course the band would have deserved a sold out location. I did not listen to the songs before the show, so THE EDEN HOUSE could hit me pure and directly. Wow. Goose flesh all over! Brilliant songs. Singing of Laura Bennett and Jordan Reyne went down a little, but the bass lines by Tony Pettitt were clear and dominant. And I loved the flickering guitars, melting into a mélange of Fields Of The Nephilim and Slowdive. Butterflies, Timeflows and City Of Goodbyes were the songs that captivated me most. So awesome! I just wish there would have been more light, from a photographers point of view. On the other hand I loved much more to close my eyes and to listen to the music. Tricky ;) However, Jordan Reyne acted very lively on stage, made the announcements again and was dancing, so lovely that most people in front of stage started to move too. One and a half hour later the show was over, of course way too short, and only one encore given.
Also afterwards there was not that much time left. The bands were tired and the club owner wanted us to leave too as he had to be up again early in the morning. Too bad that I did not have enough money with me to buy everything THE EDEN HOUSE had to offer. I love the art work of the new record Half Life, but it looks way more impressive on the bigger LP cover! I need to buy this one and wanna have it signed as well ;)
Yes, it was a great and memorable evening and it was great to meet Jordan and the Reptyle guys again :) Now I hope to catch THE EDEN HOUSE live soon :)
Setlist: Gods Pride, Butterflies, Neversea, All My Love, Wasted On Me, Indifference, The Dark Half, Timeflows, City Of Goodbyes, Sin // To Believe In Something


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