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and the Pagan Horror to Essen ...

2006-03-25 DE – Essen - Zeche Carl

Some events cast their shadows before… Ok, the Pagan Horror Tour might not be SUCH a big event, but I have to confess I was overwhelmingly looking forward to this show. Two excellent and exceptional bands from Germany, one from my hometown that surely set contrasts live on stage. No question: I have to be there! That I really love both bands willing NH readers should have noticed, since there are many overwhelming live reports and reviews of both bands.
But before fans and peeps could witness another great show of HELRUNAR and THE VISION BLEAK, everybody had time to check out a copious supply of drinks at the bar due to the fact that the bands began at 9pm instead of announced 8pm…

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:. HELRUNAR ~ could then kick off their performance in front of a well-crowded hall. I guess around 350 people attended this event. That this show would be sort of a home run for HELRUNAR was quite clear to me and to the other ones latest after the first track Frostnacht from their sophomore Frostnacht released in fall 2005. Muenster-based Pagan metallers recently extended their line-up now being able to put much more power into their live performance. To the original members Skald Draugir (vox), Dionysos (git) and Alsvarts (drums), Discordius (git) and Garmr (bass) got added. The cats seemed a little bit antsy while entering the stage but when cueing the first song everything was evaporated and HELRUNAR delivered an amazing show. Despite of some statements of lacking time all musicians seemed to be well-rehearsed (except few wrong notes that evens happens to the big ones too). It was quite great to hear the people around enthusiastically talking about a band from my hometown ;) What else to tell you about the show? It was soooo great, but way too short. And I personally enjoyed listening to Hauch wird Sturm from the split CD with Nachtmahr. Bright prospects for the future I’d say. There are some festivals planned this year to push HELRUNAR forward, reaching a bigger audience. I want more of them ;)
Setlist: Intro, Frostnacht, Ich bin die Leere, Älter als das Kreuz, Hauch wird Sturm, Intro, Raune mit der Tiefe, Seelenwinter, Dreifach Dorn, Das heilige Feuer // Minis Brunnr

:. THE VISION BLEAK ~ didn’t have a too easy job afterwards. Most attendances were black metaller and the lovely (gothic) womanhood few and far between, preferably banging their heads off to Helrunar. Probably not the most perfect audience for THE VISION BLEAK. But actually the guys didn’t care and got into their set bombastically with Kutulu!. Did I ever mention that THE VISION BLEAK rock as hell? No? Ok, let me say this: THE VISION BLEAK rock and groove as fucking hell! Well! It seems that singer Allen B. Konstanz like some nice booze as he was mumbling around during his narrations. Put the bottles away! ;) However, the other members played again a great and professional gig, having lotsa fun. And in no time even some disparagingly looking black metal purists started to bang. Great! THE VISION BLEAK are known to infect everybody with great mood and so they did again.
Setlist: Intro, Kutulu!, Deathship Symphony, Wolfmoon, Carpathia, Secrecies In Darkness, Elizabeth Dane, The Curse Of Arabia, The Grand Devilry, The Charm Is Done // The Lone Nightrider, Night Of The Living Dead

Upshot: Great show and a great evening. I actually should head out for another show near my hometown. Those who never saw HELRUNAR and THE VISION BLEAK performing live so far, hurry up and get your show! It’s definitely worthwhile!
I personally finished off the evening with what was left of the Evergrey release party next town. At the Matrix in Bochum the disco was already going on and the Swedish guys sat in the café with some fans around talking. Both Matrix and Rockpalast were celebrating anniversaries spending pies, cakes and tarts after midnight (and I was hungry like a wolf *lol*). Yummy.
What stroke me like a bad backflash was the fact that they still played the same music at Rockpalast, like 15 years ago when I was banging my head of in front of the huge mirrors down there. Ya know, Guns’n’Roses, Bon Jovi, Poison… etc. All that glam and poser rock ;) Just the fashion has changed… almost… I actually could still discover striped Spandex pants, kutten and tennis shoes… ;)


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