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2011-03-30 DE – Bielefeld - Forum

The band with the extra long and unpronounceable name, everybody keeps in mind though: …AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD. Conrad Keely and Jason Reece have just released a brand new album entitled Tao Of The Dead, which is again a little masterpiece and probably outstripping its predecessor. And TRAIL OF DEAD just started extended touring throughout Europe to support it. Since I never have seen them live so far I decided to change this fact, now! ;) Once again I head towards the town that does not exist visiting the wonderful Forum club. And surprisingly bump into a bunch of friends :) Well, actually… it was quite clear, ain’t it? ;)

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My skull is still veritably angry with me and let me take things easy. At spring-like and mild weather many people stand still outside talking while Swiss band :: FUGO :: offers free available space in front of stage ;) Never heard of this band before and had the usual checkout prior the show. First listening impression made me curious and I expected a lot. Unfortunately FUGO could not live up to them what mostly was due to the singing. It sounded pretty much… off-key, at least here and tonight. Sounded much better on CD. Nope, I did not like the singing live. Musically speaking there were a lot of parallels to Trail Of Dead, even the image on the bass drum could have been an original drawing by Keely. Oh, he did? Really? *check* Oh yes, it’s the cover image of the most recent FUGO record Avant 93:43 and indeed was drawn by Conrad Keely ;) FUGO’s music is a bit more experimental, more progressive and unwieldy, then the way Trail Of Dead play their music. However, the guys in FUGO are really nice mates, much likeable, but musically I did not really get used to them.
Setlist: Intro, Placebo, Wake Up, Tool, ¾ International, Isolation, God Machine, Wild

Feelings changed in a twinkling of an eye when :: …AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD :: got onto stage, especially, since the first 30 minutes got spent on the brand new record Tao Of The Dead. What a great introduction and listening pleasure! The Forum is now very packed and sees an enthused crowd heating up. Surprisingly TRAIL OF DEAD go back in their history and play very old material, even from 98 debut record. The last two albums were completely left aside, that’s a pity. The gents anyway had a lot of fun and rocked the stage that even some glass got broken; made me worrying about the bass player’s feet (live debut of Autry Fulbright). But he noticed and nothing bad happened. Much more it was funny to witness the flying splice of the instruments ;) Drummer Jamie Miller (live debut too on this tour) gave up his job and took over Jason’s guitar, later Conrad caught the sticks, while Jason and Jamie played guitar. In between Conrad Keely joked about the city that does not exist, seems like he kept in mind that story when he played last time in Bielefeld ;) Generally Reece and Keely were joking a lot, causing empty face. Strange humor, the British way I’d say ;)
I did not like the drunken and overwhelmingly enthused bastard that went on the rampage in the first row. Thought he gonna kills me when I caught the drumstick that escaped from Reece’s hands and he was seemingly longing for. Luckily Reece let the other stick follow, which was caught by that dude and made him leaving happily. …AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD played a great 1 ½ hrs show of finest Post Rock incl. two encores and some slapstick. The audience is thrilled and so is the band. Right after all band members mingle with the fans and sign autographs. Beside the hammering rhythm in my own head a nice evening :)
Setlist: Strange News From Another Planet, Summer Of All Dead Souls, Weight Of The Sun, Ebb Away, Will You Smile Again ?, Caterwaul, It Was There That I Saw You, Another Morning Stoner, Fake Fake Eyes, A Perfect Teenhood // How Near, How Far, Totally Natural


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