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Crimes Of Passion - Run With It - Hostile

2007-03-20 GB – London - Underworld

Past Decayed, Next Century, New Beginning

My first and last WARRIOR SOUL show was in Essen, Germany on June 8 1995 and this one turned out to be one of those you never forget. A legendary show I tell ya! I still remember so many details as if it was yesterday, ok, perhaps last week ;) However, at that time fronter Kory Clarke got onto stage causing many scared Ah’s and Oh’s when fans got aware of his now cut, former extremely long mane, while he introduced himself: “Hi, I’m Bon Jovi” (he actually looked like that *lol*). During this show I so extremely freaked out that I could not move myself for at least 3 days afterwards…
A little later WARRIOR SOUL got put to rest for many reasons and much to my regret. Around the millennium first reunion rumors came up but got denied by former members Pete McClanahan and Johnny Ricco. And now? Things happened surprisingly fast. First Escapi Music re-released the entire back catalogue and now Kory is back with a new band behind and wants to play a handful of shows. On the isle. Only. Know that from anywhere else... Me almost passes out, overjoyed, and spontaneously logs in for another London ride. Well, it was time again. After more than 3 months of London abstinence I start yearning…

Thrilled as I was I headed over in stormy weather and icy coldness. Landing was brutal and people already in panic that they would crush down before reaching the airstrip and then they got very, very quiet ;) Prizes for train and tube have rosen again (compared to Nov 2006) and me trip to a place I did not visit yet was not really pleasing, since the icy wind really sough thru me bones. No problem. In compensation of other escaped amenities I did what you can do best in London: shopping! Excessive shopping. Don’t wanna get me next credit card bill ;) Ok, back to Camden Town, eating something exotic, taking a bath to defrost myself and walking over to the Underworld. Still thrilled as fuck… probably more a fidgety plague…

The World’s End (pub above the Underworld) gave warm welcome to the first people arriving. I bumped into the manger Ian and Kory a little later and met two nice gents from Metal Hammer Italy (cheers to Alex and Angelo) and other guys. While drinking the one and the other delicious beer and Southern Ginger Ale we talked, joked and had fun. My interview was cancelled, because the voice recorder was fucked up. I gonna do it later, I promise!

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On time at 7pm we descended into the Underworld where maybe 30 fans showed up? Fuck??? That bodes ill…

:. HOSTILE ~ opened 20 minutes later in front of a handful of people. However, these Welshmen didn’t care that much about and tightly kicked ass. By the way, HOSTILE was the one and only metal band of the evening. And with their cool Thrash Metal they offered not only great stuff but also a nice musical contrast. Being around for 2 years now HOSTILE are currently working on new material for the band’s debut album. There is only a demo available so far, but what I have read these thrasher gents make it in the British underground ;) A couple of personal fans showed up and honored the band, heating up mood and vibes a little. Coolness! Expect more from these dudes in the near future!
Setlist: Fire Storm, No Way Out, Loosing Sight, Day Of Days, Death March, Dread Intent, Brutalized

:. LOOK AT IT GO ~ quickly followed but had to struggle thru some technical problems. Backing vocals were much to low and the bass completely misfired. Wasn’t the instrument or the amp. Anyway, the gents brought their song to an end and joked about that and the bass player. By the way the band’s singer was the first one inaugurating the stage. Mr. Clarke should follow a little later. Musically speaking, RUN WITH IT delivered much more rock and punk orientated music and heated up another handful of people, pleasing them.
Setlist: Outside, Habeas, Competition, Settle, Sharp, Missing, Romantic, Fury, Something

:. CRIMES OF PASSION ~ also had only 30 minutes of playing time they used with much passion and fervor. That was an amazing show! Wouldn’t have expected that! Geez, they really kicked ass. Singer Dale Radcliff mastered the crowd while the song Dream Of Me got stuck in my ears. Can’t get it out of my head since then. Nothing more to tell, great show!
Setlist: Exit Wound, Unbreakable, Dream Of Me, Me I Lost, Heavy, Angry You, Die Alone, Angel

In between I was off for the lady’s, 2 minutes maximum, really, but when I came back the Underworld was suddenly crowded. Fuck, where did all these people come from? Audience increased like tenfold? Can’t remember that I have seen so many people around upstairs and outside… odd… Who cares, that’s good for the band, isn’t it?

:. WARRIOR SOUL ~ entered the stage single wise. For the fact that hardly anyone could know the new crew behind Kory every single member got celebrated like a star. Considering previous discussions about who is WARRIOR SOUL a great welcome! When Kory appeared people whacked out first time, started girls screaming and the pack pushing towards the stage right into the backs of the first row ;) The gents kicked of with one of the WARRIOR SOUL hits par excellence: Love Destruction right on followed by Punk And Belligerent. No chance to stop the crowd anymore ;) Fans freaked completely out, created such potential of energy and insanity, conveying on the band, which thankfully soaked up and gave it back. In a twinkling of an eye a great atmosphere was built up no one could elude. You know, this kind of atmosphere making a show to something special, legendary. Kory Clarke is such a charismatic person, able to captivate the audience in an unique way and that I tell you again deeply impressed. Kory put heart and soul in his singing, intoned with all senses while falling on his knees, lying on the stage and grasping hands of enthusiasted fans held out to him. Amazing! Breathtaking! His new lads consisting of the just 18 years old drummer Rob 'Stevo' Stephenson from the UK (damn, this boy was tight!), fellow countryman Mike McNamara on bass, Swedish shredding axe-man Rich and John H on guitar were nothing short of and played with passion. Song In Your Mind got dedicated to Mark Evens, the late drummer who got murdered in 2005 (RIP Mark - I remember that I was in London at that time). Over more than 90 minutes one WARRIOR SOUL anthem followed another, whereas the ballads were cut out. Only the ass kicking songs got to rule the show. Ok, my personal setlist would have been a little different ;) However, this show was definitely way too short. Want more!!! And... WARRIOR SOUL is definitely back!
Setlist: Interzone, Love Destruction, Punk And Belligerent, Rocket Engines, Song In Your Mind, Shock 'Um Down, Hero, Trippin' On Ecstasy, Charlie's Out Of Prison, The Party, The Drug // Superpower Dreamland, Downtown, The Wasteland

Geez… what a great show! Can’t repeat that often enough ;) In the meantime there are more shows announced for May and finally on the continent, meaning NL, DE and BE, still to be confirmed, plus the first summer festival appearances. So watch out!
Afterwards people met up at re-opened Intrepid Fox (St. Gile High near Tottenham Court Road station) for a party. But when I arrived at 1am (don’t ask, long story *lol*) the pub was on the verge to close. I at least had time to look around and I have to say, I love the new location. Really looks great. So if you are in London next time, check out the one and only metal pub!
Back in Camden Town I finally could bed my tired head on soft pillows and outstretch myself crosswise in my king-sized bed ;) Stupidly the night didn’t last long… but that’s another story ;)


story & pics © Dajana