MISFOLDED – Restless Continuum

Label: self-financed
Release: May 31, 2016
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8.5/10
Time: 48:53
Style: Melodic Death/Groove Metal
URL: Misfolded

MISFOLDED from beautiful Prague are a bit out of the way, because the vocal arrangements are shared by two ladies, both called Jana. The lion's share of the lyrics is growled and screamed; the sparingly applied, extravagant clear pitch creates an interesting contrast from time to time.

From an instrumental point of view, the band grabs me through all sorts of groovy pieces, with the speed ranging from unfortunately dragging moments to aggressive, speedy attacks.
The melodic component in form of cool leads and guitar licks already enriches the opener Unbearable, and the overlapping singing cares for extra spice. Clattering, mid-paced riffing is combined  with the two partly out-belled voices during Malice and integrates technically savvy rhythms as well as frickly fills. Blast beats and heavily delayed passages leave no space for boredom or monotony. The rather nasty staccato storm Obsessions offers hymnal choral passages in the background and the variability is again highlighted as an important stylistic feature. A discreet symphonic bombast leads over to shredded grooves in Social Blindness. Later, a stomping pace takes over command and gives the earworm Silence Broken an ominous aura. On the other hand, the musicians do not simply trim their songs on catchiness, but oriental melodic arches as well as effective rhythms gradually enter my cerebral cortex little by little, in seemingly unnoticed style with every new turn.
Hysteria Of Lost Integrity perfectly blends pertile outbursts with tons of grooves and allows technical gadgets to unfold. Like a wounded animal, the epic Disoriented drags through the auditory canals, whereby I like the fluent measure changes exceptionally well.  MISFOLDED show up in stylistically more open manner during the final piece called Polka, which integrates folkloric structures according to the title - and still does not degenerate into a purely fun number fortunately.

MISFOLDED compose in versatile manner and have a striking feature with the two singers, which distinguishes the band from stylistically similar groups. The progressive and technical approach surely proves the willingness to be independent, but it does not prevail, so that Restless Continuum is capable of amusing without an all too copious impression.