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2012-04-04-07 NO – Oslo

1349 - Absu - Aeon Throne - Agalloch - Aggrevator - Anaal Nathrakh - Ancient Wisdom - Arcturus - Autopsy - Borknagar - Chton - Church Of Misery - Cleaver - Corpus Mortale - Dead Trooper - Decapitated - Dunderbeist - Earth - Einherjer - Execration - Gate To Chaos - Headspin - Kirkebrann - Magister Templi - Manifest - Merah - Mount Eerie - Necronomicon - Nekromantheon - Noiser - Ô Paon - One Tail, One Head - Solstafir - Solstorm - Svarttjern - The Konsortium - The Monolith Deathcult - Ribozyme - Throne Of Katarsis - Triptykon - Trollfest - Tsjuder - Undying Inc. - Velnias - Vesen - Vidr - Void Of Voices - Witchery

My first INFERNO FESTIVAL experience in 2009 was a great one and it was as plain as a day I’d come back! Surely not every year (even if I wish I could) as it’s difficult to get always the Easter days off from work, and for what it’s worth, it’s not the cheapest travel (those, who already had a visit in Norway know what I’m talking about). But every now and then it’s highly important to pay respect and attenttion to the organizers of INFERNO FESTIVAL and 2012 had a compelling reason: ARCTURUS! ;)

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Trials and tribulations of my very first Norway stint are passé. I arrive very late, after midnight, check in a new hotel right around the corner of Rockefeller and with the Revolver club next door, perfectly made for short visits, uncomplicated but comfortable, and above all, really cheap for Norway. Staff is lovely, weather too, blue sky, pure sun and 8 °C. No snow anymore. Makes Oslo looking much more adorable and friendly as it did last time.

This year I’m also prepared for all the “side dishes” INFERNO FESTIVAL has to offer: IMC, exhibitions (Norwegian Black Metal - Part One, Per Ole Hagen’s Norwegian Metal In Concerts) and beer tasting (Nøgne Ø Beer Tasting – I actually miss in favor of another lovely meeting). There are a lot of things going on at the festival hotel Royal Christiania, where I meet Kim Holm again, comic-strip artist and illustrator from Bergen, who again sketches various INFERNO FESTIVAL bands and showcases is art the next day in the hotel lobby. One wall he had decorated with original SÓLSTAFIR art work from their most recent Svatir Sandar double album (and unfortunately not for sale). Truly awesome!
As for me and my colleagues now a true working marathon begins, running up and down the stairs from Rockefeller to John Dee and back for collecting photos and impressions to shape what you read now ;) If one was still in need for some kind of spring fitness, right here you go… *laughs*


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