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2022-08-11-13 DE – Schlotheim - Flugplatz Obermehler

| 3-Days-Festivalpass incl. Camping for 120.70 Euro |

| 3-Days-Festivalpass + Wristband or DVD incl. Camping for 89.10 Euro 124,90 Euro |

| Daytickets: 75 Euro |


8/11 • Cannibal Corpse - Mayhem - Alcest - Der Weg einer Freiheit - Exhorder - Secrets Of The Moon - High Spirits - Revel In Flesh - Gaerea - Birdflesh - Carnation - Whoredom Rife - Anomalie - Sinners Bleed - Nyktophobia - Hangatyr - Total Hate

8/12 • Carcass - Asphyx - Katatonia - Heidevolk - Uada - Misery Index - Onslaught - Malevolent Creation - 1914 - Messiah - LIK - Kadaverficker - Graceless - Profanity - Space Chaser - Iron Flesh - Thron - Bütcher - Nornir

8/13 • Dismember - Benediction - Dark Funeral - Blood Incantation - Månegarm - Fleshcrawl - Saor - Nunslaughter - Panzerfaust - Purgatory - Slaughterday - Shape Of Despair - Cytotoxin - Eis - Path Of Destiny - Scalpture - Lunar Shadow - Bösedeath - Caroozer - Motorowl


[Dajana] Who would have thought… back then in 2019, when we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the PARTY SAN OPEN AIR, that we would have to wait two years for another edition. We probably would have drunk twice as much ;)
Thank Bhudda, the festival has survived the pandemic so far and we were more than happy to be able to enter the holy ground again. HELL IS HERE, yeah, it is! (regarding the weather even literally ;) Let's get the party started!

[BRT] Two years without the PARTY SAN OPEN AIR is, of course, absolute unacceptable. How we shall stay trained raising glasses? My first suggestion was that we all drop dead, fucked up and shitfaced, on the first day at 6pm. Well, it didn’t turn out that bad… ;)

[Öko] Yes! Finally! Festivals again. It's my second one since the pandemic has killed (almost) everything on the live sector (my first one was Der Detze rockt 2022 https://www.derdetzerockt.de/).

[Seb] Hell yeah, after years of a forced time off and two years of nothing I was damned keen to attend my favorite festival again. After we collectively got the c-pest at Rock Hard Festival, nothing could happen again.
I actually don't know anymore, how many bands from the original billing in 2020 remained, but with bands such as DARK FUNERAL, MAYHEM, UADA and one of my Death Metal childhood sweethearts, BENEDICTION, I was wholeheartedly satisfied.
I was the only one not residing on the campground but in an accommodation in Mühlhausen. About the trials and tribulations regarding shuttles and other things, more in my summary.


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[Dajana] After all the twists and turns, cancellations and postponements the PARTY SAN OPEN AIR had to increase the ticket prices from 89.10 Euro up to 120.70 Euro. Inevitable, though I think it's still a fair price for a festival of this size and quality such as the PSOA is. Same goes for the contributions, accredited press had to pay.
Of course, there are always fault-finder around, nagging about the line-up and other stuff. Come on people, COME ON! Be happy that the festival took place! Many bands are not available right now for booking due to ongoing covid regulations, financial risks, or other reasons, or are highly expensive. As for that, NOT EVEN A SINGLE BAND had cancelled its appearance at PSOA 2022 due to covid or other problems! So, be thankful, shut the fuck up and enjoy the festival! .

[Öko] Prices rise everywhere, which is a logical consequence of everything that happened since January 2020. But, compared with other festivals, the pricing at PSOA is still fair. Also, the war in the Ukraine will take its toll. It already does, and I not only mean the next bill for energy costs. However, enough of serious words. Hey! Ho! Let‘s go!
On a lighter note: I had a relaxed journey, a quick check-in and there was brilliant sunshine over the field. That's the way a festival weekend can/should start! As always, the whole PSOA crew was super nice and helpful. A big thank you to everybody involved!

[BRT] Yeah, our journey was easy too but the check-in and security checks were glacial. That's why we missed a few bands. Well, it seems, everybody needs to get the groove again. So do I. I surely acted smarter when building up my tent in the past ;)
But when it came to meet and greet all the people around, it was overwhelming. And the first beers tasted so well…

[Seb] Directly after the tortuous check-in (walking forth and back from the shuttle to the tower to the main entry) I was positively surprised by the pricing for food and drinks. 0,4l beer for 4 Euro, 5 Euro for specials, and only 2 Euro for water. Remember the pricing at Rock Hard Festival for example… Food has increased a bit but not in an obscene manner as seen on other festivals.
Likewise pleased I was to see the small but nice Whiskey pub back on the ground, as well as the other booths that became "friends" over the years.

[Dajana] This time I was the last one arriving on the battlefield. As for that, I quickly passed the check-in and the security check. The tent was built up in a twinkling of an eye and then… overwhelming welcomes and delicious beer… yeah! Let's go!



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